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Let Kathryn Bernardo Teach You How To Subtly Show Off Your Mani On IG

She's SO good at it.
PHOTO: Instagram/bernardokath

One fine day, while we were checking out Kathryn Bernardo's Instagram page, we noticed how she always manages to subtly show off her pretty nails in photos without being too obvious. (Side note: We also learned she loves wearing different shades of blue nail polish.) If you've ever wondered how you can do the same whenever you have a ~*fresh*~ manicure, take note of these tried-and-tested poses from Kath:

  1. The easiest way you can flaunt both your mani and your multiple ear piercings: Pretend to tie your hair!

    There's nothing better than hitting two birds with one stone, right?

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  2. Casually touching-up your lipstick will give you the opportunity to break out those freshly-painted nails.

    No matter what your angle is, we guarantee you'll be able to show off those digits.

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  3. A selfie that shows your hand shielding your face from the sun is a classic pose.

    Of course, you "forgot" your glasses and can only use your hands to protect your complexion!

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  4. While it's not technically a pose, we love how Kath managed to make her pretty digits the *real* focus of this picture.

    The grainy effect even added a cool vibe to the photo. 

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  5. Look like you're deeply thinking about something by placing your hand on the side of your face.

    Yes, it has to be on the side otherwise, why are you still taking the photo?

  6. When doing glam shots for the 'Gram, softly position your hands on your shoulders or arms.

    It's a great way to add extra texture and movement to the photo.

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  7. Super simple: Just place your digits on your sunnies to give the impression you're "lowering them." 

    But we all know it's just so everyone can get a good look at your trendy manicure.

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  8. If you really want your manicure to stand out, you can always do the "hand on your head" pose.

    Bonus points if your outfit, background, and makeup look ~enhance~ your nail polish shade.

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