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Kelsey Merritt Shared Her Beauty Secrets In A 'Vogue' Video

She prefers using a darker foundation on her face!
PHOTO: Youtube/Vogue

The Victoria's Secret Fashion show was the game-changer for Kelsey Merritt, and she certainly did us proud—pretty much every other Pinoy is stanning Kelsey at this point. And now, Vogue has taken notice, too! The international fashion magazine recently filmed Kelsey sharing her beauty secrets and a makeup routine similar to what she prepared for her VSFS casting. Here's what we learned:

Kelsey never neglects sunscreen.

She mixes her sunscreen with moisturizer to prep her face. FYI, both products are important: Suncreen blocks UV rays and moisturizer helps the makeup last all day. 

She applies aloe vera gel on her hair.

Kelsey takes this up a notch by extracting aloe vera gel from her own aloe plant! Products that contain aloe are great for revitalizing dry hair. 

When applying foundation, Kelsey uses a shade darker than her natural skintone. 

Kelsey loves the bronzed look, so she turns to a foundation a shade darker than her skin tone. She also makes sure not to hide her freckles—she even considers them the best part of her face! As for her breakouts, she just spot-conceals them.

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Our other takeaways:

  1. According to one of Kelsey's makeup artists, the best way to apply eyeshadow is to start from the middle of your eyelid and work your way up the crease.
  2. Brushes are the best tools to blend out eyeshadow and cream products.
  3. Placing highlighter on the cheekbones, nose bridge, and cupid's bow brightens up the whole face.

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Check out Kelsey's full video on Vogue's YouTube channel below:

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