15 Local Indie Beauty Brands You *Need* To Follow On Instagram Right Now

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We can all agree that there's no better feeling than discovering an ~indie~ beauty brand with products that work for you—and it's even better when you know they're made in the Philippines! If you're looking for recommendations, we've got you covered. Keep on scrolling for more underrated picks:

  1. Filipinta Beauty

    Filipinta Beauty offers makeup products that pay tribute to the Filipino culture, such as food and mythological creatures. Their shades are Pinay-friendly, too!

    Famous Products: Diwata eyeshadow palette, Maria Makiling lip gloss

    Where to buy: filipintabeauty.com


    LIP•PINAS offers multipurpose products that have good quality while still being easy on your budget. Their shades range from pinks, reds, browns, and mauves—you'll surely find the right one for you!

    Famous Products: Kulay tinted lip balm, Tinta velvet lip cream

    Where to buy: Check their Instagram for distributors and resellers in your area.

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  3. Mermaid Beauty Cosmetics

    Mermaid Beauty Cosmetics is an indie beauty brand that sells palettes and brush sets at affordable prices. Their eyeshadows come in different colors, plus they're crazy pigmented, too. These will inspire you to play with makeup even more!

    Famous Products: Cherry Blossom eyeshadow palette, Starter Tool Kit

    Where to buy: Shopee

  4. Painted Cosmetics

    If you're a sucker for pretty packaging, you'll surely ~love~ Painted Cosmetics' products. It doesn't hurt that their products are pigmented AF, too. We especially love their matte mousse lip products—they're the perfect arsenal that will help you ace the blurred lip trend!

    Famous Products: Beach Sunset eyeshadow palette, Reinvention HD Lip Tint

    Where to buy: BeautyMNLCalyxta

  5. Kind Beauty

    If you're on the hunt for affordable but good quality makeup brushes, try out Kind Beauty's brush set. They're super soft, and they blend out your products nicely! (Read our review of their brush set here.)

    Famous Products: Head In The Clouds Brush Collection

    Where to buy: Lazada, Shopee

  6. Moone Beauty

    If you've been looking for a nice body luminizer, check out Moone Beauty's Glow Bomb. Apply this on your collarbones, arms, and legs for the sexiest sheen. 

    Famous Products: Glow Bomb

    Where to buy: Instagram

  7. Squad Cosmetics

    This is the indie cosmetics brand that all your favorite influencers have been raving about. Their products are pigmented and super affordable!

    Famous Products: Soft Matte lipsticks, Multipurpose mousse cream

    Where to buy: Lazada

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  8. Good Brow

    For all your kilay needs, turn to Good Brow. They offer brow soaps (both tinted and clear!), serums, and even a mist! 

    Famous Products: Tinted Brow Soap

    Where to buy: Instagram

  9. Babe Formula

    If you're looking to make the ~switch~ to all-natural products for your hair care routine, try out Babe Formula's range of shampoos and conditioners. Their pretty packaging makes them a cute addition to your bathroom, too!  

    Famous Products: Blossom Shampoo, Nectar Shampoo

    Where to buy: Check their Instagram account for resellers and distributors near your area.

  10. Katty Mera

    If you're all about ~aesthetic~ and effective products, then you need to try out Katty Mera's products. You'll score healthy-looking, glowing skin in no time, plus their items are super double tap-worthy!

    Famous Products: Hydra Milk Serum, Deep Cleansing Milk Foaming Face Wash

    Where to buy: Facebook

  11. Sundays Moderne Beauty

    For the best of both worlds, check out Sundays Moderne Beauty's selection of makeup products. They have muted, wearable lippies, as well as their range of pastel and neon water-activated eyeliners!

    Famous Products: Meteor Liners, All-in-One Colour Stick

    Where to buy: Instagram, Shopee, Calyxta

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  12. Colourbar Beauty

    For a juicy pout that looks ~kissable~, use Colourbar Beauty's glosses. If you prefer a matte finish, their powder mousse tints are perfect for you. The best part is all their products are affordable!

    Famous Products: Powder Mousse Tints, Juicy Lucy Pocket Gloss

    Where to buy: Shopee

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  13. Love Lolita

    For a no-fuss lewk, Love Lolita has all the bases covered. They have pretty lip stains, tints, and even a long-wearing brow soap to complete your easy MOTD.

    Famous Products: In The Nude Velvet Matte Lip Stain, Brushy Brows

    Where to buy: Shopee

  14. Glitz Bish Cosmetics

    For your luscious lips needs, turn to Glitz Bish Cosmetics' plumping glosses. They are also constantly coming out with new products like their creamy highlighters!

    Famous Products: Plump Glozz

    Where to buy: Shopee

  15. Soak Artisan Soap

    Update your body care product rotation with these all-natural goodies from Soak Artisan Soap. Their range of bath bombs, body scrubs, and soaps will make you smell good enough to eat!

    Famous Products: Bath bombs, body scrubs, soaps

    Where to buy: Shopee, soakartisansoap.com

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