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Follow These Tips To Get A Flawless Base And *Avoid* Cakey Makeup

Cake-face no more!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/realtechniques; (right) instagram/jcatbeautyph

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in mastering an intricate eyeshadow look or sweeping a lot of highlighter. We forget that the most important part of our MOTDs is the ~base~. Below, we have compiled some tips to ensure that you get a skin-like finish:

  1. Start at the center.

    A common mistake when applying foundation is starting off on the cheeks. A better practice would be to begin at the center of your face and then work your way outwards. This way, it looks more natural and seamless.

  2. Use a sponge.

    Though a brush might be more efficient in applying your base products, it can also cause streaks and a cakey effect due to its bristles. A damp sponge is better because it creates an airbrushed look. Lightly dab it all over your face to evenly distribute the foundation.

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  3. Blot off the excess.

    After applying your foundation, lightly blot your face with tissue to pick up any excess product while keeping the entire look intact.

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  4. Use a setting powder afterward.

    A good setting powder is the key to a look that will last the entire day. But be careful not to put too much, as it can make your base appear cakey. Lightly dust on the face, focusing on the T-zone.

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  5. Finish with setting spray.

    Spritzing setting spray at the end of your makeup routine is like the cherry on top. It also helps to lessen the powder-like finish and brings back the ~*glow*~ to your skin.

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