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Attention: Please Stop Using Your *Expired* Makeup

When in doubt, throw it out.
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If your skin has been breaking out recently but you can't figure out the culprit behind it, you should probably check your makeup products' expiration dates. Since when has that foundation or blush been sitting at the corner of your vanity table? If it's been a few years now (yikes!), it's best to throw them out already.

Throwing makeup away can feel like such a waste especially if you paid good money for them. Besides, if they still *look* decent, they're probably still okay to use, right? But here's the thing: Using expired products poses a dangerous threat to both your appearance and health.

Below, we listed down what happens to makeup products when they expire and the effects of continued use:

What happens to makeup when it expires?

  1. The product's consistency and appearance change.

    Over time, mascara will clump, foundation will separate, and eyeshadow colors will fade. Your complexion products may also change their shades as a result of oxidation and bacteria growth.

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  2. The effectiveness of the product is altered.

    For example, if your foundation with SPF has already expired, the sun protection won't be as effective as it once was. This can put you and your skin at risk.

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  3. The pigmentation won't be as vibrant as before.

    If you've been using the same eyeshadow palette you had back in college, you probably noticed that its colors aren't as vibrant as when you first bought it. That's a tell-tale sign that you should *most probably* toss it out. (You also might get an eye infection!)

Pro tip: Here's a video that serves as a makeup expiration visual guide to help you navigate your vanity table and kikay kit when you plan to ~detox~ your stash:

When Does Makeup ~*Really*~ Expire?

What happens to your face when you use expired makeup?

  1. Bacteria = blemishes!

    When you use expired makeup products, it will lead to inflammation, redness, rashes, or worse, ~more~ breakouts. Be extra careful with cream-based products like blush, foundation, and highlighters. Constantly dipping your fingers in them causes bacteria to transfer easily, and could lead to irritated skin and clogged pores.

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  2. Your skin can get infected.

    Mascara and liquid liners, in particular, are the ones that you really have to throw out after three to six months. Because they are contained inside dark, wet tubes and come in contact with lashes, they become ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Using *expired* makeup products for your eyes after the recommended date puts you at a higher risk of getting infections such as conjunctivitis or pink eye.

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