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How To Keep Your Makeup Looking Cute, Even If You Wear Eyeglasses

Plus, a simple hack to avoid the ~dreaded~ nose pad marks.
PHOTO: youtube/kryz uy

A struggle that girls who need eyeglasses know all too well is looking extra cute while wearing makeup. The frames cast shadows on the face and the eye makeup can't be seen very well, so why bother, right? Plus, specs leave unsightly nose pad marks where the foundation used to be.

Luckily for us, Kryz Uy has a video tutorial to save all specs-wearing beauty junkies. She did a full face of makeup that not only enhances her features but she also shared a useful hack to avoid the ~dreaded~ nose pad marks. Below, we took note of her best tips:

  1. Avoid applying foundation on the nose bridge.

    A common problem you run into when applying makeup if you have glasses are the nose pads. While they may be helpful in keeping your specs in place, they're not so great for your foundation, as they will rub away the product after a few hours. Kryz recommends not applying any product on your nose bridge to avoid this problem. 

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  2. Brighten the complexion with concealer.

    Our eyeglasses usually take up a big part of our face so they cast shadows on the cheeks. To brighten the complexion, Kryz uses a concealer in a lighter shade than her skin tone to highlight her under-eye area and the middle of her brows. 

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  3. Always set with powder.

    Even though she did not apply any foundation on her nose bridge, she made sure to dust some powder on the area to keep it shine-free. This step will also prevent the specs from slipping down!

  4. Use nude or white eyeliner on the waterline.

    Since eyeglasses can make the eyes look smaller than usual, Kryz recommends using white or nude eyeliner on your waterline to open up the peepers. This trick will also make the eyes look more awake!

  5. Curl your lashes.

    Don't head straight to mascara just yet—Kryz reminds to curl your lashes first. This will make your eyes appear bigger ASAP!

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Watch the rest of Kryz's helpful tutorial here:

Make Up for Girls with Glasses | Kryz Uy

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