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Aww, Gabbi Garcia Shared That Her Dad Would Do Her Makeup During Her Modeling Days

We love supportive parents!
Gabbi Garcia Says Her Dad Did Her Makeup During Her Modeling Days
PHOTO: Instagram/gabbi

The year is 2007. It's summer vacation and you have piano lessons on Tuesdays and karate classes on Fridays. Ah, the good old days of having workshops and extracurricular activities as a student. Filipino kids can relate, even Kapuso actress Gabbi Garcia. In a new YouTube vlog, Gabbi shared some of her childhood photos and stories, including her days of being bibo as a kid.

In the video, Gabbi shares how "bida-bida" she was when she was younger, always attending different workshops every summer. As a kid, Gabbi always had a fun activity to do, from modeling to joining workshops under popular talent development programs like John Robert Powers and Trumpets.

She started modeling when she was four years old out of her own will, and both her parents were thankfully so supportive that they would drive her to different malls so she could walk down the runway during mall shows. "My mom and dad never forced me, it was just me naturally posing and me wanting to be a model," Gabbi shares.

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As dedicated stage parents, Gabbi's mom and dad did more than just take the time to drive her to different modeling gigs. There were even times when Gabbi's mother, a flight attendant at that time, would be away for work so her dad had to step up and do her makeup backstage.

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Gabbi's dad learned how to do makeup and craft DIY accessories just so she could attend and model for various shows and live out her passion for modeling. "He was the only dad backstage," Gabbi recalls. "He would do my makeup, as in, nilalagyan niya ako ng nose line." We love supportive parents! Gabbi has her parents' total support and dedication to thank for the "best childhood ever."

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You can watch her full video here