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The Best Makeup Organizers For Girls Who Hate Kalat

Clear the clutter and save space on your vanity table.
PHOTO: Courtesy of All Things Girly; Instagram: missbellaph

We know that we can never stop ourselves from buying new beauty products because it's just so f*cking hard to do so. The high that we get with every purchase is worth the *money*, and we deserve it, okay. But, the one thing we're forgetting is our recent buys turn into clutter. We hate kalat like you so we searched high and low for the most sulit organizers available in the market. These will keep your makeup and skincare items on display and save space. We bet you can be "Little Miss Organized" before the New Year begins.

  1. Desktop Makeup Organizer

    This makeup organizer is made of durable plastic so you'll know it will last long. This has six compartments that can fit your blushes, lipsticks, and other small makeup items.

    Courtesy of Shopee

    Desktop Makeup Organizer, P331, Shopee


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  2. Miniso 2-Drawer Organizer

    Miniso is such a treasure trove of cool finds. During our recent visit, we spotted this 2-drawer clear acrylic organizer. We're sure this will keep your vanity neat and your makeup products protected from dust.

    Courtesy of Miniso

    Miniso 2-Drawer Organizer, P399, SM Makati

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  3. Miss Bella Rotating Lipstick Holder

    The problem with owning so many lipsticks is that you sometimes forget about your lippies existence. This rotating lipstick organizer can help! This can hold up to 80 bullets so every item will be within reach.

    Miss Bella Rotating Lipstick Holder, P1,000 (original price: P2,500), Miss Bella


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  4. Shimmer Beauty 8L Fridge

    Prevent vitamin C serums, face oils, and moisturizers from going rancid by storing them inside a beauty fridge. Bonus tip: Place your face masks here for a more cooling, relaxing experience.

    Shimmer Beauty 8L Fridge, P3,500, Shimmer Beauty


  5. Rotating Makeup and Skincare Multipurpose Storage Organizer

    Reduce clutter and save space on your makeup table with this rotating organizer. You can store your daily essentials like your skincare products and everyday makeup items.

    Courtesy of All Things Girly

    All Things Girly Rotating Makeup and Skincare Multipurpose Storage Organizer, P449, Lazada


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  6. Gladking Philippines Large Nylon Organizer 

    This organizer has adjustable compartments so you ~plan~ how you'll store your beauty haul. It will keep your makeup dust-free, too!

    Courtesy of Gladking

    Gladking Philippines Large Nylon Organizer, P1,788, Lazada


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  7. Suesh Mesh Vanity Case

    You can take your goods anywhere, thanks to this HUGE makeup trolley that can store almost everything you own. It's made of mesh, so it won't be that heavy to lug around.

    Courtesy of Suesh

    Suesh Mesh Vanity Case, P8,500, Suesh

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