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Practical Beauty Tips From Angel Aquino

The gorgeous actress now also known as primetime kontradiva Vera Cruz in the soap Magkaribal shares her simplest and most useful beauty secrets.

Most of us may think that Angel Aquino must have some sort of secret formula that made her stay young and beautiful throughout the years. After all, she's a successful actress and TV host, as well as a style and beauty icon, so she must be getting all the pang-artista beauty products, services, and advice.

Well, you're in luck, dear Cosmo chick, because we caught up with the lovely Us Girls host and Magkaribal star to find out her best-kept beauty secrets. You'd be surprised to find out how practical and simple they are! Read on to learn how you, too, can keep your face as pretty and your skin as beautiful as Angel's.

How do you care for your skin?
Water. That’s really essential, more than vitamins, more than your skincare regimen. It’s really how much water you take in kasi it cleanses your system. There’s a proper way of drinking water. You take two to three gulps of water every 15 minutes until you reach a [total of a] glass an hour. So, if you’re awake for 14 hours, [you need to drink] 14 glasses of water. 'Yung two to three gulps every 15 minutes, that really hydrates your vital organs, [like your] muscles and your skin. So that’s the proper way. It’s okay to take more water than the recommended amount, [especially] if you want to flush toxins [from your body]. In the morning, 'yun 'yung una kong [ginagawa]. Kasi the whole night that you’re sleeping, you won’t be taking in water. So what I do is I drink close to a liter of water the moment I wake up.

Then I eat my fruits. There’s always fruits at home—apples, grapes, bananas--kasi sabi nila, if you take that last, then it could rot in your tummy [because] it’s easier to break [down the fruit], with the acids in your tummy. So for example, if you eat your bangus, then your tapsilog, and you take your fruits last, so hindi pa sila napro-process ng tummy mo, nagra-rot na 'yung food sa taas, which is the fruit. So you have to take it in first to get the full benefits of fruits. [Otherwise] it will just rot. Kapag nag-a-acid na sobra 'yung tiyan mo and then [the fruit] touches your tummy, parang wala na, parang you did not eat fruit, parang kumain ka lang ng sira. That’s what they say. And I believe it (laughs).

How about makeup tips?
Makeup? Oh no! look at me. I don’t know how to put on makeup. [But] from all the years that I have been in the fashion business, somehow I know which tone suits me, like which tone of foundation, which shade of powder, which blush suits me, which lipstick. But now I’m experimenting. I usually just go for nude or this tint (the one she was wearing) lang talaga because I’m experimenting. Wala lang, because there’s an event, just to look a little more made up. I [also] put a little bit of liner. I don’t know how to mix colors, so I don’t apply eyeshadow, if you’ll notice. What I do is I line it, and then I just curl my lashes and apply mascara. Tapos I try to really groom my eyebrows. I make sure na hindi siya mukhang ungroomed or mukhang pinabayaan. Kasi like a picture frame, it frames your face. 'Di ba? So mas maganda kung maganda 'yung shape ng eyebrows mo, if it’s well groomed. I like it really defined, but light. Kasi dark na 'yung eyebrows ko and thick. So what I do is I line it with a lighter shade or blond, just to soften it a bit. And then I use an oil-based moisturizer for my eyelids. It looks nice at night.

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How do you put on makeup for events, then?

I rely on the makeup artist. So bad trip talaga ko 'pag pangit 'yung makeup ko. Wala akong magawa, kasi hindi ako marunong mag-makeup.

Have you ever committed beauty booboos in the past?
'Yung sa eyebrows, kapag pinabayaan for a long time, nakakahiya when people start to notice. And 'yung mustache, somehow meron tayo e. Nakakahiya when people start noticing. And when you experiment on clothes and you think you look good pero hindi pala. Yikes! (Laughs.) Then you look at your old pictures and you thought back then you looked so nice and so put-together, and you see your picture and you ask yourself, “What am I wearing here? What was I thinking?” Then you tell yourself, "Oh, that didn’t work out."

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