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These Are The Biggest Beauty Trends You'll See In 2020

Spoiler alert: '90s beauty is still gonna be HUGE.
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Pinterest is the number one platform for online mood boards. It's a great source of inspo and the perfect source to find out what people are currently searching for and pinning on their boards. Based on these online behaviors, the Pinterest team has gathered data and released a report that contains what everyone in the world will be loving in 2020.

Below, let's discuss the beauty trends that will be big next year.

  1. Scrunchies and hair clips

    The '90s influence is still strong! These hair accessories came back early 2019, and it looks like they'll still be around in 2020. 

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  2. Braided hairstyles

    It seems like everyone wants to be more experimental with their hairstyles in 2020. We're lucky because Pinterest is the best source for endless inspo!

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  3. Gender-neutral haircuts

    Pixie cuts, shaven heads, and long-layered hairstyles are being sported by both everyone!

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  4. Lip gloss and liner

    Surprise! Lip liner is coming in hot! This underrated lip product was once super big in the '90s (it was usually paired with a pale shade of lip gloss). We're guessing this is trending because of everyone's obsession with ~big plump lips~. In 2020, we're expecting to see lip liners in more IG and YouTube tutorials.

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  5. Galaxy makeup

    In 2020, you'll see more glitters, purple, black, and deep blue makeup—texture and colors inspired by the cosmos!

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  6. Sustainable beauty products

    We're becoming more conscious of our carbon footprint, so searches for sustainable beauty habits and products have also shot up. Naked packaging and reusable items will be more popular in 2020.

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  7. Constellation piercing

    Curated multiple ear piercings are definitely hot in 2020! To get you started, here's our ultimate guide to getting your lobes (and other areas) pierced.

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  8. Space tattoos

    If you're planning to get inked next year, maybe you'll want to add space-inspired tattoo designs to your inspo list.

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