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20 Pretty Ankle Tattoo Designs That You Can Easily Hide (And Show Off, Too)

It's *the* sweet spot.
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Hello there! You know the drill: It's finally 2021, so it's the perfect time to do something you've always wanted but never really pushed through with it. For many people, one of those "goals" is getting a tattoo. Of course, if it's your first time, one of the factors you may be considering is the placement. You would want it to be in a place that isn't easily seen, but also in a spot where you can show off, too. Our reco? Have it inked on your ankle!

Since it's all the way down your leg, it's not the first place people would think to look. Plus, if the need arises, you can always wear ankle socks to keep your design safe and hidden. Interested? Check out some more info you need to know about ankle tattoos, plus the cutest designs to screenshot and save for ~future reference~!

Is getting an ankle tattoo painful?

Okay, there's really no way around it: Ankle tattoos are painful. Since it's such a bony area, there is less flesh that will act as a "cushion." The only consolation? Most designs are small, so it'll (hopefully) be over before you even know it.

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How do I care for my ankle tattoo?

Some swelling and bruising are to be expected since your new ink is in a very sensitive area. Make sure to put an ice pack against the wound to relieve any pain. When it's time to wash it, only use a mild, unscented cleanser to avoid any irritation. Rinse with cool water. Moisturize the area to prevent dryness. Finally, always remember to apply sunscreen on your ankle to prevent the colors from fading!

Your choice of clothing and footwear is also important in your new tattoo's healing process. For your bottoms, wear shorts or cuff your jeans to ensure that it doesn't rub against your ankle. Opt for sandals or low-cut sneakers to allow the area to breathe!

Ready to find a design for you? Check out 20 of the cutest ones we spotted online:

  1. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Wishbone

    Carry luck with you everywhere by getting a tiny wishbone tattooed on your ankle!

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  2. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Space Baby Cluster

    Love all things space? Get a cute cluster of planets and stars on your ankle! Bonus: The placement of the design below is clever since it's done *above* the ankle bone. There is more flesh to cushion the needle, so it's less painful.

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  3. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Touch of Magic

    We love the ~*whimsical*~ vibe of this tattoo.

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  4. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Delicate Heart

    Sometimes, the simplest of designs work best. Keep things low-key by getting a small heart on your ankle.

  5. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Plantita

    Right next to flowers, leaves are a no-fail design, TBH.

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  6. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Small Butterflies

    Butterflies symbolize freedom, change, and transformation—perfect for the "New Year, new me" mantra!

  7. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Comedy and Tragedy

    The comedy and tragedy theater masks are the perfect design for all our Gemini girls out there.

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  8. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: La Luna

    You really can't go wrong with a moon tattoo, trust us.

  9. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Small Script

    Small script tattoos are also a popular choice. You can choose to get it done using your handwriting, too!

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  10. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Starry Night

    If you're a ~space baby~, you can choose to get a cluster of big and tiny stars on your ankle!

  11. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Tiny Dolphin

    Missing the sea? Get a bb dolphin on your ankle as a reminder of your ~adventures~.

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  12. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Rainbow Hearts

    Heart tattoos are definitely nothing new, but make your design more unique by getting multiple *colored* ones!

  13. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Baby Bunny

    Bring your pet with you wherever you go by getting a tattoo dedicated to them.

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  14. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Fine Line Flower

    This delicate fine line tulip tattoo is the perfect design for matching tattoos with your BFF!

  15. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Zodiac Sign

    If you're a big fan of astrology, it makes sense to use your zodiac sign as ~inspo~ for your tattoo.

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  16. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Soju Bottle

    Welp, we knew it was coming to this. All your time spent watching K-dramas would lead to this, LOL! This soju bottle is definitely one of the quirkier designs on this list, but we love it.

  17. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Flower Power

    This tiny flower tattoo is subtle but sweet.

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  18. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Sun and Moon

    We can't stop thinking about how good this celestial design looks with heels!

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  19. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Flower Chain

    Opt for a flower chain wrapped around your ankle. The soft colors make the design look even more delicate!

  20. Best Ankle Tattoo Design: Song Lyrics

    Song lyrics close to your heart always make good tattoo designs. We love this one taken from "Sweet Creature" by Harry Styles.

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