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7 Skincare Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing In 2020

Going to sleep with makeup on is a big YIKES.
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It might not be January anymore (although it was one looooong month), but it's not yet too late to commit to your New Year's resolutions and start working towards your goals! If you're aiming to score clear skin by the time 2021 rolls around, here are the following skincare mistakes you should stop doing:

  1. Going to bed with your makeup still on.

    It's already 2020, but we are still guilty of going to bed with our makeup still on. We can't help it—sometimes, we just party a little *too* much and stumble to our bed without washing our faces (oops!).

    The fix: Keep a pack of makeup remover wipes by your bedside table for those post-walwal nights where you simply just ~can't~ drag yourself to the bathroom. (Ed's note: Keep in mind that this is just a quick substitute. Washing your face every night with a cleanser is still a top priority.)

  2. Using a body wash on your face.

    Body wash may work great for your arms, legs, and other nooks and crannies, but using it on your face is a big no-no. It contains ingredients that can dry your skin out, and its fragrance may irritate your complexion and cause breakouts.

    The fix: Invest in a facial cleanser that's meant for your skin type. There are tons of affordable choices—check out our list here!

    Human Nature Hydrating Creamy Wash, P79.75, Humanheartnature


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  3. Applying new skincare products without doing a patch test.

    This year, we predict that there will be so many exciting releases from our favorite skincare and makeup brands. We can't wait to try them all, TBH. We must, however, be careful about using new products in haste as it may cause adverse reactions that can be irreversible.

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    The fix: Before you fully incorporate a new skincare product in your routine, do a patch test first. Apply a tiny amount on a small area of your arm and see how your skin reacts to it after a few hours. If it gets red or feels itchy, trade it for a different one.

  4. Disregarding sunscreen.

    Hi, yes, sunscreen isn't just limited to your beach trips—your face and neck need it *daily*! You also need to wear one even if it's a cloudy day. Prolonged exposure will make may cause dark spots and wrinkles. You also increase the risk of getting skin cancer. 

    The fix: Put on sunscreen as the final step of your morning skincare routine. Keep one in your kikay kit so you can reapply it every two hours to maximize its effect. You can even use a tinted one if you want ~some~ coverage!

    Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++, P619.50, Lazada


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  5. Exfoliating too much.

    We absolutely *love* exfoliating because it leaves us with smoother, baby-soft skin. But, too much of a good thing can be bad. Doing it more than the recommended frequency may damage the skin barrier, leading to dryness, sensitivity, and breakouts.

    The fix: Limit exfoliating (whether you're using a physical or chemical formula) to just two to three times a week if you have oily or normal skin. Those with sensitive skin should just do it once in seven days.

  6. Forgetting to double cleanse.

    Using your cleanser alone isn't enough to get rid of all the grime on your face after a long day, especially if you wear makeup daily. Chances are, there are still some product and sebum buildup left on your skin which can turn into nasty breakouts.

    The fix: Invest in a good cleansing oil or balm and make it the first step of your nighttime skincare routine. The formula will help to *completely* melt off your makeup. Then, get rid of water-based dirt with a facial wash.

    Banila Co Clean It Zero Original, P995, Lazada


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  7. Neglecting your neck.

    The neck is one of the first parts of the body to show telltale signs of aging, so you shouldn't neglect it while doing your daily skincare routine!

    The fix: When toning, applying serums, and moisturizing, don't forget to extend it down to your neck—this habit will prevent wrinkles and sagging in the long run.

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