These Delicate Ear Tattoos Are So Pretty, We'd Gladly Take The Pain To Get Them

TBH, these are even better than piercings.
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An ear tattoo is a great option when you want a subtle tatt. You can hide it behind your tresses, or show it off by wearing your hair up. Also, this type of ink can be a permanent substitute for earrings—you can even be more creative with it! Before we present you with pegs, here is the 411 on ear tattoos:

What are the types of ear tattoos that you can get?

Your ear can be your playground. You can get a tattoo on your helix, conch, or on the lobe. You can get creative with the ink placements, just like with piercings. Now, if sticking a needle several times on the ear scares you, consider having your tatt placed behind or below it. 

Does having a tattoo on the ear hurt?

The short answer is YES. The ear has thin skin, making it one of the most sensitive parts of the body. You'll feel every bit of the needle piercing and pumping in ink, so brace yourself for the pain. Some tattoo artists apply a numbing cream to minimize the sensation. Also, if the artist has a light hand, there will be less pain, too.

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Most ear tattoos are tiny, so, often, the pain during application is tolerable. (Well, depending on how much pain you can take!) Still, they look fantastic, especially if you find the right design. Here are some samples:

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  1. Mix your tatt with your multiple piercings.

  2. A tiny heart doodle can be your first ever ear tatt!

  3. A bright sparkling star tattoo will match your positive personality.

  4. Try dreamy celestial beings like the crescent moon and a heart-shaped Saturn tatt.

  5. That tiny paw print on the tragus is too adorbs!

  6. The colored paw version is <3.

  7. And the multiple paw prints behind the ear look equally cute, too.

  8. Have your top three fave colors inked as delicate stripes on your helix.

  9. Rainbow dots on the anti-helix and stripes on the lobe? A double yes for us!

  10. A lobe tattoo will complement your earring.

  11. For extra luck!

  12. A flower tattoo is a classic.

  13. This simple constellation is a work of art.

  14. A gradient heart is a lovely, subtle tatt.

  15. This one is for the traveler.

  16. This watercolor rose tattoo looks realistic.

  17. Another flower tattoo option would be a lavender—the symbol of calmness.

  18. A delicately drawn Sakura flower is a great choice, too!

  19. A sizeable linear star behind the ear creates a subtle statement.

  20. The shading of this crescent moon is too beautiful.

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