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Project Clear Skin: Why Do I Have Acne On My Chest And How Can I Get Rid Of It?

Yes, it exists, and yes, it's completely normal.
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Something that's more annoying than your face breaking out is your chest getting pimples, too. (Goodbye, tank tops, low-cut dresses, and other sexy clothing!) Well, the good news is you can make them go away pretty easily and prevent them from coming back. Below, all the tips and tricks you can try to get rid of them for good:


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What causes acne on the chest?

Similar to the pimples you get on your face, acne on your chest can be caused by a LOT of things: Your current lifestyle, genetics, or hormonal imbalance. Remember, pimples develop when your pores get clogged, and we have pores *everywhere* on our body, so yes, the chest is no exception to this. 

What types of acne do we usually see on the chest?

The most common types of acne we see on the chest can range from harmless ones like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, to more painful ones such as cysts and pustules.


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What are the things we can do to treat acne on the chest?

Even though breakouts on the chest aren't as visible as the one on the face, they can still be annoying *and* painful. You don't have to live with them, though. Here are all the ways you can get rid of 'em ASAP so you can don all the low-cut clothing you want:

Acne on the chest: Treatments

  1. Use an anti-acne bar soap.

    Swap your regular cleansing bar soap for one that's designed for calming down body breakouts. This one from Skin Potions has tons of loyal users, thanks to its ability to effectively zap away zits and heal inflamed skin.

    Best Treatments For Acne On The Chest: Skin Potions Acne Pie Pimple Calming Soap
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    Skin Potions Acne Pie Pimple Calming Soap, P250, BeautyMNL

  2. Spritz a toner mist designed for body acne.

    Similar to your face, your chest and the rest of your body will greatly benefit from a toner designed for breakouts. Get one in mist form so you can easily spritz it on the affected areas. P.S. It's also great for hard-to-reach places such as your back!

    Best Treatment For Acne On The Chest: Oxecure Body Acne Spray

    Oxecure Body Acne Spray, P299, BeautyMNL

  3. Swipe a BHA-soaked cotton round on your chest.

    Using a chemical exfoliant is one of the most effective ways to get rid of pimples. For stubborn breakouts on your chest, swipe a BHA-soaked cotton round all over the area. BHAs (such as salicylic acid) have great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that make them a popular choice among those with oily and acne-prone skin.

    Best Treatment For Acne On The Chest: The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

    The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, P550, BeautyMNL

  4. Include a gentle exfoliating scrub in your routine.

    Since the skin on your body is thicker than the one on your face, you can get away with using mild exfoliating scrubs. Use it once or twice a week to scour dead skin cells to score a softer, clearer, and brighter complexion.

    Best Treatment For Acne On The Chest: Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

    Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, P675,

  5. Put a spot treatment on the inflamed area.

    For a more straightforward approach, apply a spot treatment directly to the affected areas after every shower. This will nip them in the bud before they get any worse!

    Best Treatment For Acne On The Chest: Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel

    Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel, P199.75, Human Nature


Acne on the chest: Important reminders

  1. Shower every day.

    When you don't shower every day, your skin is more prone to breakouts due to the buildup of pawis, dead skin cells, and sebum. Plus, if you love doing home workouts, make sure to peel off your sweaty clothes and take a bath ASAP to wash away all the nasty dirt your body has accumulated.

  2. Wear loose and breathable clothing.

    Your ill-fitting clothes could be one of the sneaky culprits to chest acne. If you're just lounging around the house, opt for loose, breathable pambahay clothes made with cotton or silk. Save your tight tops for when you have a lakad instead.

  3. Drink your water, b**ch.

    There's no doubt that drinking water is key to not just good skin, but an overall healthy glow. Drink eight glasses of agua every day to help your body ~flush out~ toxins. If you can, regulate your soda intake as they are a high source of sugar that can lead to more breakouts.

  4. Swap your laundry detergent.

    Aside from the products you use on your body, your choice of laundry detergent can also be a factor for chest breakouts. Those with strong fragrances can irritate your skin and lead to more zits. Swap your current one for something that has "hypoallergenic" in its label.

  5. Don't pick at your pimples.

    This is the cardinal rule of dermatologists and anyone who has ever dealt with pimples: Don't pick at your breakouts if you want them gone. Trust us, just don't!

  6. Make sure your bras aren't dirty.

    Aside from ill-fighting clothing, your bra can also be one of the offenders. We know the temptation to just wear the same one for a few days because it's "still clean" can be strong, but we highly advise you to put on a fresh brassiere one every day. The dirt, sweat, and odor can build up and cause more pimples. Better yet, just opt to wear *none* if you're only chilling at home.

  7. Clean your necklaces often.

    Another unlikely culprit is our necklaces. They come in contact with our skin, so when they're dirty, the bacteria transfer to our chest. To prevent future breakouts, clean your necklaces and all your jewelry every once in a while. This will also bring back their old ~shine~!

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