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25 Minimalist Ear Piercing Ideas You Can Try This 2022

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These days, having *multiple* piercings is not unusual. After all, a curated, blinged-out ear is just so prettyand the best part about it is that it's completely personal. You get to style your ears, depending on your own ~aesthetic~. If you particularly want to take the minimalist route, we gotchu covered! 

Ahead, we gathered 25 of the cutest low-key ear piercing ideas we found online: 

25 Minimalist Ear Piercing Ideas To Try This 2022

  1. Double helix

    This double helix piercing is so simple yet eye-catching. 

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  2. Rook + tragus 

    The rook and tragus are some of the best placements you can go for if you want something cool and unconventional. You can keep your lobe and the outer part of your ear bare for a minimalist look! 

  3. Double flat + anti-tragus + triple lobe

    You can't go wrong with an all-gold ear stack.

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  4. Flat 

    A lone flower on the upper part of the ear is simply beautiful!

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  5. Double conch + forward helix

    We're obsessed with this glitzy ear party that isn't OTT. 

  6. Daith + rook

    This combo looks effortlessly cool, especially when you accessorize it with matching silver hoop earrings.

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  7. Conch + upper lobe

    Switch things up by keeping everything on the middle part of your ear! 

  8. Triple lobe + helix 

    If you're getting bored with your lobe piercings, adding a single helix will instantly spice up your ear party. You can go for pieces of jewelry that belong to the same color palette to achieve a streamlined look. 

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    You can also put a spin on the typical triple lobe piercing by getting it shaped like a triangle!

  9. Double lobe + helix + conch 

    Adding a touch of sparkle to the inner part of your ear can make all the difference. 

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  10. Daith + flat + rook

    Balance out a striking daith piercing with a tiny hoop and stud.

  11. Triple flat + mid-helix + single lobe

    Go for dainty earrings if you want to keep your ear party from looking crowded. 

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  12. Double lobe + triple mid-helix

    A gold hoop earring serves as the focal point of this diamond-studded ear stack.

  13. Forward helix + upper helix + mid-helix + double lobe

    So pretty! We love how this combo keeps everything on the outer parts of the ear. 

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  14. Single lobe + double helix 

    Level up from your single lobe piercing with a stunning double helix. 

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  15. Conch + double lobe 

    The delicate dangling earring on the inner part of the ear keeps the double lobe piercing from looking basic. 

  16. Rook

    Sometimes, less really is more. A rook piercing, for instance, can make a statement on its own. It isn't as popular as the other inner-ear piercings such as the daith and the tragus, which makes it perfect for people who want a unique placement for their piercings. 

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  17. Double helix + conch 

    Okay, we *need* to have that chain earring! 

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  18. Conch + double mid-helix + double lobe + forward helix 

    The diamond stud earrings on the middle part of the ear are balanced out with subtle studs and hoops. 

  19. Tragus + helix

    Keep things simple with this tragus + helix combo. 

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  20. Upper lobe + conch + rook  

    A few colored studs can instantly add oomph to a minimalist ear party. 

  21. Rook + helix + orbital + single lobe

    An orbital piercing gives this classy mix of gold hoops and pearl studs a cool twist. 

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  22. Tragus + conch + helix 

    When combined, this trio creates a cool curved pattern on the ear. 

  23. Flat + rook + conch + single lobe 

    So cute!

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  24. Single lobe + helix + flat + rook + conch 

    We love how the piercings are evenly spread out on the inner part of the ear.

  25. Single lobe + anti-tragus

    Aside from a rook, you can also elevate your single lobe piercing with an anti-tragus. This placement is perfect for someone who wants something ~different~. 

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