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12 Finger Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfect For ~Minimalist~ Girls

Spoiler alert: Getting a finger tattoo is painful but worth it!
minimalist finger tattoos
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Are you planning to get a *small* tattoo? One of the most popular placements for tiny inks is the finger. Tattoos in this part of the body certainly look cool, and they can be shown off or hidden if the need arises. But before you consider tattooing your digits, here are things you should know about finger tatts: 

Does it hurt to get a finger tattoo? 

The finger is known to be one of the most ~painful~ spots to get tattooed for a number of reasons: 1.) This area is full of nerves. 2.) There isn't much muscle or fat to cushion the sensation of the needle. The good thing is, finger tattoos are usually small so the session won't take too long. 

How do you take care of a finger tattoo? 

Oftentimes, your hands are exposed. The downside: Too much sun can dull your tattoo's pigment. Plus, you use (and wash) your hands so much, which causes finger tatts to fade easily. Don't worry, though—you can visit your tattoo artist for a touch-up! But to keep your ink looking its best, commit to these aftercare tips: 

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Ready for some ink inspo? When getting a finger tattoo, it's best to go for simple, no-fuss designs. Try to avoid intricate ones that are so small the ink breaks apart or bleeds. 

Here are 12 minimalist finger tattoo designs and ideas that you'll want to take screenshots of: 

  1. Vine finger tattoo 

    We love how this delicate vine tattoo is wrapped around the finger.

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  2. Star finger tattoo

    Star tattoos are almost as pretty as diamond rings. 

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  3. Numbers finger tattoo

    You may also choose your favorite number or date and have them inked on your finger! 

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  4. Flower finger tattoo

    The finger is the perfect hiding spot for a tiny tattoo. ;)

  5. Sun and moon finger tattoo

    Like yin and yang, the sun and moon represent a unity of opposites. 

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  6. Smile finger tattoo

    Get these matching finger tattoos with your BFF! 

  7. White finger tattoo

    If you want something v subtle, go for a white tattoo! This low-key ink can be your little ~secret~. The only catch is that it won't last that long—eventually, it will fade into your skin color. (READ MORE: Here's What You Need To Know About White Tattoos

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  8. Word finger tattoo

    Daily reminders like "be still" are best tattooed on areas that you can *always* see like your wrist or your hand. 

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  9. Sun and star finger tattoo

    Delicate fine line tattoos like these are simple and timeless. 

  10. Fire finger tattoo

    A fire tattoo looks so good with a stack of rings! 

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  11. Wave finger tattoo

    Beach babes, this tiny wave tattoo design is pretty much made for you. 

  12. Ring finger tattoo

    The best thing about ring tattoos? You can't lose them, unlike jewelry. 

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