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15 Wave Tattoo Designs To Try If You're Missing The ~*Beach*~

Get ready to screenshot all your faves.
wave tattoo designs
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/bora_tattooer, Instagram/rin_tattooer

When it comes to designs for your first-ever tattoo, there are just some ideas you can never go wrong with. Case in point: Wave tattoos. They're cool, timeless, and will always remind you of the water—perfect for all the beach babies out there!

Now there are hundreds and thousands of wave tattoo designs out there—especially on the 'gram—but I have taken the liberty of choosing 15 of the cutest wave tattoo designs from small, minimalist ones to intricate watercolors and oil pastels. You know the drill: Get ready to screenshot ALL your faves and show 'em to the tattoo artist. (You're welcome).

Cutest Wave Tattoo Designs To Try In 2021

  1. This Minimalist Blue Wave Tattoo

    Let's start things off with something simple: This blue-colored fine line wave tattoo is simple but sweet.

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  2. This Abstract Fine Line Wave Tattoo

    This wave tattoo almost looks like abstract art, right down to the moon on the upper left.

  3. This Black and Blue Wave Tattoo

    The combination of the black and blue ink in this wave tattoo just looks too good.

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  4. This Intricate Wave Tattoo

    Okay, now we're really talking: This intricate wave tattoo combines blue, black, and white ink to create something that looks like it came straight out of a postcard.

  5. This Calm Blue Sea Tattoo

    Not a big fan of big, crashing waves? You'll love this more mellow design that contains calm blue waters and a moon and some stars.

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  6. This Heart Wave Tattoo

    How clever is this heart-shaped wave tattoo, though?!

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  7. This Ribcage Wave Tattoo

    The ribcage is a classic place for a wave tattoo. Your torso's movement can cause the design to almost look like it's ~alive~.

  8. This Wrist Wave Tattoo

    If you want to place your tattoo somewhere you can easily see it, your wrist is your best bet.

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  9. These Matching Wave Tattoos

    Contrary to popular belief, you can actually have couple tattoos that aren't cringe-inducing. Case in point: These super cute wave tattoos. They're not completely the same, but they definitely complement each other. (Kinda like you and your S.O.!)

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  10. This Oil Pastel Wave Tattoo

    If there's one thing I love more than watercolor tattoos, it's ones where they look like they were done with oil pastel crayons.

  11. This Subtle but Sweet Wave Tattoo

    This simple wave tattoo may be small, but it's hitting all the right spots, TBH.

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  12. This Frame Wave Tattoo

    Enclosing your tattoo in a rectangle immediately makes it look extra cool. (P.S. This would look great on your inner arm!)

  13. This Pastel AbstractWave Tattoo

    Majorly obsessed with this almost abstract-looking wave tattoo!

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  14. This White Ink Wave Tattoo

    If you're not into black or blue ink for your tattoo, I'm here to tell you that white ink is THE move. Do take note though that white ink tattoos require extra special TLC!

  15. This Wave and Whale Tattoo

    Incorporating sea animals into your wave tattoo is a common move. (Also, it just makes a lot of sense, LOL!)

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