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Want Brighter, Odor-Free Underarms? Try These Natural Deodorants

Stay fresh ~all day~.

If you feel like giving your regular deodorant a break, you might want to consider going the ~natural~ route. Natural deodorant is a good alternative if you want to feel fresh and odor-free but you don't want to expose your skin to harmful ingredients and chemicals. To further educate you on its benefits, here are major reasons why you should consider switching to a natural deodorant:

  1. Wave goodbye to those weird armpit stains.

    The stains on your fave white tees are actually caused by the aluminum in your regular deodorant. Natural ones are free from this ingredient, so you can prolong your T-shirt's life.

  2. It lets your skin breathe.

    Antiperspirants prevent sweat by blocking the sweat glands. When those are blocked, the toxins that are supposed to be secreted by the body through perspiration are contained. Bacteria start to grow, which can make the smell worse! But with natural deodorants, you still sweat, BUT there's no smell. TL;DR: Sweat is good.

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  3. You'll get brighter underarms.

    You may not know it, but your mainstay deodorant's harsh ingredients and chemicals are probably the cause of the darkening of your underarms. Natural deodorants only have natural ingredients in them, so you'll surely see the brightening effect as weeks and months go by.

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Before anything else, consider switching to natural deodorant as a major lifestyle change.

When you switch to a natural deodorant, it can take some time for your body to get used to it. It will adjust to all the new ~natural~ ingredients, so yes, you may smell different for a bit. But don't worry about it! There are remedies you can try during this period:

The adjustment will all be worth it once you can flaunt your brighter, smoother, and odor-free underarms! If you want to make the switch now but don't know what to use, here's a list of good natural deodorants—from sticks, creams, to sprays!

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The Best Natural Deodorants To Try For Brighter Underarms

  1. Human Nature Deodorant Roll-On

    Antiperspirants usually contain aluminum salts to keep the sweat from escaping, but this natural deodorant from Human Nature keeps your body smelling fresh, even as you sweat! This deo also helps brighten and smoothen your underarms, and it doesn't leave a sticky feel on the armpits.

    Human Nature Deodorant Roll-On, P99.75, Humanheartnature


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  2. Jason Soothing Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick

    This all-natural stick is made of zinc, corn starch, and baking soda for all-day protection against B.O. It also has grapeseed fruit extract that fights odor-causing bacteria, as well as aloe vera and vitamin E to keep your underarms soft and moisturized.

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    Jason Soothing Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick, P385, Healthy Options

  3. Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray

    Housed in a convenient spray bottle, this deo is easy to carry around everywhere you go. It's infused with lavender and white tea that purify your underarms and keep it odor-free for 24 hours. Plus, it dries quickly and won't leave a stain on your clothes!

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    Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray, P325, Healthy Options

  4. Lafe's Deodorant Spray

    The deodorant from Lafe's is clinically-proven to keep your underarms sweat-free and smelling fresh for 24 hours. It's made with natural botanical essential oils that fight odor-causing bacteria. It's also cruelty-, gluten-, paraben-, and aluminum-free.

    Lafe's Deodorant Spray, P265, Healthy Options

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  5. EO Deodorant Cream

    This cream deodorant has a non-sticky formula that leaves your underarms feeling fresh all day. It has a combination of four pure essential oils: Geranium, citrus, juniper, and cedarwood for a relaxing, clean scent. It's also paraben-, cruelty-, and gluten-free.

    EO Deodorant Cream, P675, Healthy Options

  6. Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant

    Tom's of Maine's bestselling line of effective, long-lasting, and aluminum-free deodorant sticks are infused with odor-fighting ingredients and natural-based fragrances to keep your body fresh throughout the day. It also contains sunflower seed oil and aloe vera to moisturize your underarms.

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    Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant, P545, Healthy Options

  7. One Earth Organics Underarm Therapy Complete Set

    This set contains three products that will give you the best underarms of your life! It has a spray, serum, and cream that will help brighten, cleanse, and moisturize your armpits. Discoloration and chicken skin will be a thing of the past with this set!

    One Earth Organics Underarm Therapy Complete Set, P1,440, Beauty Bar


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  8. Zero Basics Deodorant

    You don't have to worry about staining your clothes with this deodorant! It's made with a special blend of 100 percent therapeutic-grade, pure essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and oregano. It is also free of chemicals and preservatives. 

    Zero Basics Deodorant, P250, BeautyMNL


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  9. Skin Genie Pit Perfect Deodorant Spray

    If you want a deodorant that not only freshens but also brightens your underarms, try Skin Genie's spray. It is infused with a variety of oils to nourish, brighten, and moisturize your armpits.

    Skin Genie Pit Perfect Deodorant Spray, P250, BeautyMNL


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  10. DeoNat Aloe Mineral Deodorant Stick

    Eliminate sweat and body odor with this tiny stick! It is made of natural mineral salts to help keep sweat at bay. It also has aloe leaf juice for extra hydration. Its formula won't irritate your skin because it has no preservatives and added coloring. 

    DeoNat Aloe Mineral Deodorant Stick, P176, Watsons


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