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This Low-Key Ear Piercing Trend Is Perfect For Minimalist Girls

Yay for less healing time!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/bernardokath, Instagram/adriancastillo

Hello there! We've covered ear piercings a lot on, from the prettiest combinations you can try to one that can *apparently* help with migraines. But today, we're here to discuss an option you can look into if you want faster healing time. Introducing: Orbital ear piercings.


What is an orbital ear piercing?

An orbital piercing is when two holes are made in the same part of the ear and are connected by a hoop earring. This type of piercing can be positioned anywhere in the ear, but the lobe and cartilage are the most popular placements for this. You can also turn a single ear piercing into an orbital one by adding another hole nearby.

What is the pain level of an orbital ear piercing?

Orbital ear piercings on the lobe are *bearable* since they are done in a fleshy part of the ear and can heal within six to eight weeks. If you decide to place it on your cartilage, however, expect to feel a sharper pain since the area is a lot tougher. It usually takes about three to five months to fully recover.


What kind of jewelry can you use in an orbital ear piercing?

For this piercing, you can pick between dainty hoops and ball closure rings. Any of the two will make your new ear candy stand out!

Ready to tick off orbital ear piercing from your wish list? Check out these pictures for inspiration.

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    By BKT - One of my favorite clients, thanks @aninebing for always being a rockstar! #BodyElectricTattoo #BrianKeithThompson

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    Since we'll be in #Dubai so soon, we though we'd do a throwback to our 2016 Dubai pop-up, and one of the first #CuratedEar in Dubai. This look features our beautiful pave pieces, including #Diamond Pave rings in the helix and #daith of the ear. In-between the lobe and helix, a Scalloped Diamond is placed in the orbital style, #piercing one piece of jewelry through two holes. A shimmering white gold ensemble, this ear truly shines. ? .? Maria’s expert stylists will arrive soon in #TheDubaiMall to help you begin or complete your #CuratedEar. ? .? Coming Soon! Stay tuned for official opening date and appointment information.? .? ????: #DubaiMall? ???? : #MariaTash? #daithpiercing #helixpiercing #piercings

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    Turned that 3rd #lobepiercing into a cute little #orbitalpiercing

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