10 Delicate Tattoos That Remind You To Love Yourself More

Be kind to yourself.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/little.tattoos, (RIGHT) Instagram/_tan_tattoo

Tattoos are meant to represent what you feel or what you stand for. And we think having one centered on self-love will remind you to be kind to yourself at all times. Check out these pretty, delicate tatts for ink inspo!

  1. Here's a kooky way of telling it.

  2. When it was a long journey, but you're finally getting there!

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  3. A straightforward take, but its cursive style makes it extra pretty.

  4. This will push you to hold on even when times are rough. You can do it; have faith in yourself!

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  5. Every time you'll see this ink, you'll think about your "Why"—your major reason for living.

  6. We love the colors and the words' freehand style!

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  7. This will remind you that you CAN always reach for your dreams.

  8. Have encouraging words inked on your fingers.

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  9. When you're feeling down, always remember that there is an end to every struggle. Stop being so harsh on yourself.

  10. If you have self-love themed tattoos on both arms, you'll never forget about it.

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