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17 Chest Tattoo Designs And Ideas That Look *Super Sexy*

Screenshot away!
small chest tattoos
PHOTO: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/celeste_cortesi, Instagram/rydelreib_tattoo

There are many ~*sexy*~ placements you can choose from for your next ink, from the bikini areathigh, to the chest. Today, we're putting the spotlight on the latter! 

Chest tattoos are cool and sexy at the same time. You can easily show or hide them whenever you want. The bonus? Since they aren't always exposed to the sun, they're less likely to fade over time. Keep on reading to learn more about this tattoo placement! 

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Does it hurt to get a chest tattoo?

"Yes. It will hurt," Kenneth Abada professional tattoo artist and body piercer from 55 Tinta, told Cosmopolitan Philippines. The chest—especially the sternum (a.k.a. the long bone in the center of the chest)—is a sensitive area, and there isn't much fat to cushion the skin. But on a positive note, Kenneth said that "if your design is small, mabilis lang siya gawin." So if you have a low pain threshold, small chest tattoos are your best bet! Plus, some tattoo artists apply a numbing cream to also minimize the sensation. 

Keep in mind that pain varies for every person, toowhat may hurt like a b*tch to others might not feel like much to you and vice-versa. 

Ready for some ink inspo? Check out these small chest tattoos that you'll want to take screenshots of:  

  1. Tulip chest tattoo 

    A dainty tulip fits perfectly on the cleavage! 

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  2. Sparkle chest tattoo 

    Here's a tiny tattoo design that will remind you to never let anyone dull your sparkle. ;)

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  3. Moon phases tattoo

    Are you into astrology? Capture all the moon's phases in this chest tattoo design. We like how it follows the natural ~curve~ of the boobs. (READ MORE: 15 Super Cute Moon Tattoo Ideas To Try If You're A ~*Space Baby*~

  4. Moon chest tattoo 

    If you prefer a more minimalist design, you'll love the simplicity of this moon chest tattoo.

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  5. Arrow chest tattoo

    Arrow tattoos are very popular because they're highly customizable. You can combine them with other symbols to create a ~meaningful~ ink. 

    Check out newly-minted Miss Universe-Philippines Celeste Cortesi's arrow tattoo with a diamond in the middle of her chest: 

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    In an interview with, the beauty queen explained that it "symbolizes beauty and as an arrow, you always have to move forward no matter what." 

  6. Bouquet chest tattoo

    Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers that will last ~*forever*~. 

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  7. Flower stages chest tattoo

    Aside from a lovely bouquet, you can also go for a cluster of tiny tattoos. This one features a progression of flower stages that can represent your growth. After all, everybody is a work in progress. 

  8. Rose chest tattoo

    You can't ever go wrong with a timeless rose tattoo. But if you want to spice things up a bit, why not get it tattooed upside down? 

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  9. Lotus chest tattoo 

    A lotus tattoo is one of the most popular flower tattoo designs out there. ICYDK, this kind of bloom grows in the mud, and it has an unusual life cycle. Every night, it submerges into the water and re-blooms in the morning. This is why it's often associated with rebirth and renewal. 

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  10. Butterfly chest tattoo

    A tiny butterfly ink in the middle of the chest is v v cute and mysterious. (READ MORE: 25 Butterfly Tattoo Designs That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

  11. Snake chest tattoo 

    This slithering snake tattoo is all kinds of cool. 

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  12. Lily chest tattoo 

    This delicate lily ink looks stunning on tops with plunging necklines!

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  13. Ornamental chest tattoo

    This pretty chest tattoo design can be a ~permanent~ substitute for body jewelry. 

  14. Sun chest tattoo

    Beach babies, look no further than this sun tattoo! 

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  15. Word chest tattoo 

    We love how the word "balance" is cleverly tattooed on the center of the body. 

  16. Eye chest tattoo 

    If you want something small yet impactful, this unconventional tattoo design might tickle your fancy. 

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  17. Boob tattoo

    Aside from the sternum, you can also get inked on your underboob or the side of your boob

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