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The Best Snail Mucin-Infused Skincare Products That Can Help You Get 'Glass Skin'


There's no doubt that K-beauty has taken the world by storm. A lot of things such as completing the 10-step regimen, dreaming of a chok chok or glass-like complexion, and knowing the difference between ampoule, essence, and serum have become the norm. With that, we also became aware of the many ingredients that are almost always present in Korean skincare products. One of them is snail mucin, which is actually highly beneficial—once you get past the initial "ick" factor. Below, we discuss its benefits, plus the best products you can try.

What is snail slime?

Snail slime is actually the snail's excretion that is released whenever they move. (No animals were harmed, so don't worry about it.) They use mucin to adhere to surfaces better and to protect their bodies from bacteria, infections, and abrasions as they trudge through different surfaces and environments. 

What are the benefits of snail slime for my skin?

  1. It stimulates collagen production.

    Snail slime is made up of ingredients that are meant to protect from and repair injuries. This also triggers the growth of new skin cells and fast tracks the production of collagen. (ICYDK, collagen is great for firming up the skin and lessening wrinkles!)

  2. It soothes inflammation.

    One of the key ingredients in snail slime is allantoin. It has calming properties that soothe the skin and aid in cell regeneration, which is helpful if you're currently suffering from acne.

  3. It moisturizes the skin.

    Snail slime is loaded with moisturizing properties that repair your skin's barrier. It protects your complexion from external irritants while locking in hydration at the same time.


What are the best snail skincare products I can use?

  1. Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Baroness Snail Mask Sheet

    We love sheet masks because they are a quick and easy fix for our tired skin. This one from Baroness is *dripping* with snail essence to moisturize and soothe our complexions. Pro-tip: Store it in the fridge before using it to make it even more refreshing!

    Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Baroness Snail Mask Sheet

    Baroness Snail Mask Sheet, P30, BeautyMNL

  2. Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Luxe Organix Aloe Vera & Snail Soothing Gel

    This gel from Luxe Organix is made with two of our favorite skincare ingredients: Aloe vera and snail slime! Aside from being the last step of your regimen, you may also opt to use it to prep your skin before shaving your face for a smoother and glowing complexion.

    Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Luxe Organix Aloe Vera & Snail Soothing Gel
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    Luxe Organix Aloe Vera & Snail Soothing Gel, P229, Watsons

  3. Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

    This essence from COSRX is infused with a whopping 96 percent snail extract that's loaded with healing nutrients to soothe inflamed complexions. Don't be put off by its sticky texture—it can easily be absorbed by your skin!

    Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

    COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, P980, BeautyMNL

  4. Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

    Made with 90 percent snail extract and bee venom, this essence from Benton helps heal acne scars and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will also gently exfoliate and brighten your skin tone, thanks to its natural AHA content.

    Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

    Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, P800, Althea

  5. Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

    Did you just watch an entire season of a K-drama and ended up being awake until dawn? Don't worry, it happens to all of us. Soothe your sleep-deprived eye bags with this cream from Korean brand Mizon. Aside from snail secretion, it also contains niacinamide to brighten the undereye area.

    Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

    Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream, P420, BeautyMNL

  6. Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Petitfee Gold & Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch

    If you're feeling a little ~boujee~, try these hydrogel eye patches from Petitfee. It's made with gold powder and snail extract to brighten the undereye area and reduce puffiness.

    Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: Petitfee Gold & Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch

    Petitfee Gold & Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch, P600, Althea

  7. Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: SNAILWHITE Snail Secretion Filtrate Facial Cream

    If you were to Google "snail skincare products," SNAILWHITE's products would be the first one to pop up. And if we had to choose only one product from them, it would have to be their facial cream. It really does live up to the hype of giving us "glass skin"—just check out our review!

    Best Snail Slime-Infused Skincare Product: SNAILWHITE Snail Secretion Filtrate Facial Cream

    SNAILWHITE Snail Secretion Filtrate Facial Cream, P995, Watsons

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