20 Classic White Manicure Ideas To Try That Are Anything But Boring

Get these for a classic and elegant look!

To the untrained eye, white nail polish may seem a little bit of a snooze fest. Often worn by brides on their wedding day, white with its variety of shades can, in fact, be swiped onto nails whenever one damn pleases to. Like a plain white crisp shirt, white manis (and pedis) give off a classic and elegant look. Like a blank canvas, the #FFFFFF color is the perfect backdrop for creating stylish designs for your lady claws.

From plain white, eggshell, cornsilk to snow, here are some hues from this color family that’s far from boring or basic.

  1. Partly cloudy with a chance of ombré

  2. Milky + rose gold strip

  3. Bridal white + minimalist bling

  4. Matte pearl + dainty silver specks

  5. The corner French tip

  6. Slim gold tips over opaque nails

  7. Ivory Lace + nude base

  8. Sea foam vibes

  9. Heavenly halo

  10. Corner dots

  11. A modern take on a classic

  12. Flat white aka the adult version of correction fluid

  13. 50% Opacity + shimmery stars

  14. Strip landing

  15. Negative space chevron

  16. Posh marbled aesthetic

  17. French mani x micro glitters

  18. Updated newspaper nails

  19. Abstract minimalist

  20. French tip with a floral twist

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