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Here Are Some *Very Useful* 'Adorable Home' Hacks That Will Get You More Hearts

There are also useful tips for showering your cat and cutting their nails. #NEED
PHOTO: Adorable Home

Kinain ka na ba ng Adorable Home? It's a mobile game with a minimalist interface that has adorable cats + a design-your-own-home feature that's got people all hyped up.

To buy stuff in the gamelike your cats' food and all the pretty furniture to make your home adorableyou'll need to spend hearts, which aren't exactly easy to come by. Curious? Here's a mini intro to the game.

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For a game about homes and cats, it might seem like a boring AF game at first, but it's a lot more challenging than you'd expect. People who have played the game all share the same sentiments of having a hard time ~earning~ some love. For instance, the *love* your partner often gives after returning from work is not a lot compared to the amount of hearts you spend just to make them a hearty bento meal. Add to that the real-life woes of taking care of a catit's a challenge to give them a shower, cut their nails, and even pet them. So paano na?!

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One Adorable Home user, however, just made it easier for other players to get more hearts without having to spend real money. Twitter user @solxcutie made a thread featuring helpful tips for players. For instance, @solxcutie shared that it's better to buy cats first than to buy items (because more cats equals more hearts!) and that the more expensive the bento meal you make, the more hearts your partner will give you (there's a tweet in the thread that shows the combos that give the most hearts). There are also useful tips for showering your cat and cutting their nails. #NEED

Check out the Twitter thread here:

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