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BLACKPINK *Might* Be Getting Their Own Netflix Documentary

Blinks found clues, and Netflix did not deny it.
PHOTO: Instagram/blackpinkofficial

Listen up, Blinks! K-pop girl group BLACKPINK might be getting their own Netflix documentary—and to be honest, it's you we've got to thank for spotting all the clues. On February 13, fans discovered that typing "BLACKPINK" on the streaming service's search bar resulted in a placeholder title: Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary. *Screaming right now!*  

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If you're still not convinced all of this is real, get a load of Netflix's response! On Twitter, a fan inquired, "What date is the Blackpink feature documentary being released?" And the reply from their official account? "Hey, thanks for reaching out! We currently don't have any info on when that'll be released. Make sure to follow our social handle for updates though!"

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PHOTO: Twitter
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Yep, that's a total non-denial. It's likely too early to tell what date the release is slated for, but for now, we're going to take that vague glimmer of hope as confirmation.