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For The Girl Or Boy In Luv: 8 Totally Romantic BTS Songs About Love

They’re perfect for love letters, captions, and even wedding vows.
BTS Songs About Love
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As ARMY will tell you, BTS has an excellent list of songs for loving yourself. They also have beautiful songs about friendships. But this charming group of idols has also captured hearts everywhere with lyrics that just sweep you off your feet. Add their angelic voices and sexy rap verses to the equation, and you’ll get yourself dreaming that you’re their miss right. The songs might also remind you of that guy or lady that’s been making your heart beat like a drum.

If you’re looking for totally romantic lyrics to caption an upcoming anniversary post or any other online PDA with a partner, here are eight BTS songs about love that you can borrow lines from:

1. "Just One Day"

Imagine any of BTS (or someone like them) telling you, "I want to be with you just for a day." What will you tell him? "Bakit one day lang, oppa?" is a reply off the top of our heads. The entire song talks about a guy longing for a girl he can’t have, so all he does is dream about her. At one point, J-Hope paints any girl’s dream day with him: "24 hours, if I could only be with you, I’d kiss you starting from the morning. Can’t forget to grab some brunch. I’d hold your hand and soak up the sun. It’s not over yet, in the middle of a beautiful night, I’ll confess to you, with the moon as our light." What a dream! And Suga’s swaggy lines at the start of the song just have that uncanny power to tickle all your senses.

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If only I had just one day

I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent

If there’s a chance in my busy schedule

I want to put my body in your warm and deep eyes

I like that, your long, straight hair

Your breathtaking neck when you

Put it up and the strands that fall out

2. "Miss Right"

The BTS members have never admitted to a relationship since their debut, but most of them have opened up about their dating history when they were young. For instance, the rap line (RM, J-Hope, and Suga) shared in different interviews that each of them had a girlfriend when they were in middle school or high school. And when they’re part of the composers of a BTS song like this one, it really shows their romantic side. The wordplay is also so cute: "You're my Miss Right, Miss Right. If I lose you, it’s a miss, right? Miss Right?" And there’s even a part where Suga mentions building a future and making a baby with his Miss Right. OMG!

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I never believed that there was a god

But now you make me believe because to me, you’re a goddess

Whether you’re young or old, whether you have a hidden child

I don’t care because I love you

If I’m with you, anywhere we go is a flower garden

3. "For You"

If you’re looking for a soundtrack for your LDR, this Japanese song is the one. It depicts the loneliness that you feel when your SO is miles away. But it’s okay because you’re "always under the same sky," anyway. The music video is such a treat, too. It shows Jungkook pining for his long-distance love, so he and his hyungs work odd jobs so that they can buy a plane ticket for the golden maknae. Spoiler alert: He meets up with a mystery girl in the end. So sweet!


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Even if we are apart

Our hearts are connected to each other

Forever with you

4. "Serendipity"

This track was the comeback trailer for the album, Love Yourself: Her. Sung by Jimin, it suits couples who feel like they were really destined to meet and love each other. His dreamy vocals take you through an enchanting ride. It’s the ultimate song for that SO whom you don’t want anything fromsomeone you say this wholeheartedly to: "Just let me love you."


The universe has moved for us

Without missing a single thing

Our happiness was meant to be

'Cause you love me, and I love you

5. "Mikrokosmos"

Okay, this song can be about self-love and friendship, too. But a lot of the lines seem like the perfect way to sum up a breathtaking date under the stars with your special someone. Aside from the song’s chorus, another part of the song that’s ripe for those kilig moments is the pre-chorus sung by maknae line, V, Jimin, and Jung Kook. Translated to English, it goes, "Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful is not because of these stars or lights, but us."

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You got me

I dream while looking at you

I got you

Inside those pitch-black nights

The lights we saw in each other

Were saying the same thing

The starlight that shines more in the deepest night

6. "Boy In Luv"

Yes, it’s really about boys who are "hungry for your love" and "want to be your oppa." They talk about a typical K-drama rom-com plot, where the lead falls in love with a friend and gets all torpe or clumsy as he or she wants to confess. "Why are you shaking up my heart?" "Why don't you know my heart for you? Even if you ignore me, even if you act cold, I can't push you out of my mind." A lot of the lines echo your mental monologues when someone you like just drives you crazy. Of course, that MV that looks like a coming-of-age drama is also super fun to replay. And true ARMYs will know the iconic choreography anywhere.

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Hold me tight before I kiss you

Before my heart lets you go

7. "Boy With Luv"

This collab with Halsey is one of the most recent and most popular BTS songs about love. It doesn’t sound like it, but when you read the lyric translations, the love it speaks about is actually so deep and pure. Some could even pass off as wedding vows, TBH. "From the moment I met you, my life was all ‘you.’ You’re the star that turns ordinaries into extraordinaries." "I've waited all my life. I want to be with you through everything." Don't those just make you swoon?


Sometimes I was a little stuck up

Elevated sky, expanded halls

Sometimes I prayed, let me run away

But your pain is my pain

When I realized that, I vowed to myself

With the wings of Icarus you gave me

Not towards the sun but towards you

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Let me fly

8. "DNA"

This may come as a surprise, but this legendary song is actually about romance! It’s almost like the upbeat older brother of "Serendipity." It’s all about two souls being destined, down to the core, and finding each other is just the work of gods. "Our meeting is like a mathematical formula, commandments of religion, providence of the universe." With the official MV having about 1.3 billion views on YouTube, "DNA" has certainly hypnotized hoards of fans around the world. In fact, it’s this song that turned me into an ARMY when they performed it at the American Music Awards and officially debuted on US television.


None of this is a coincidence

We're totally different, baby

Because we're the two who found our destiny

From the day of the universe's creation and beyond

Through the infinite centuries and beyond

In the previous life and maybe the next too

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We're eternally together (DNA)

Of course, BTS also has songs about unrequited love and heartbreakbut that’s a whole other story!


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