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15 Things We *Always* See In K-Dramas That We Can't Stop Thinking About

It's not a K-drama without an umbrella scene!
Common K-drama scenes

Since 2005, I have been watching K-dramas: You can say that I have enjoyed them on all available platforms from local TV, burned CDs, and streaming sites. I went through a roller coaster of emotions while watching them (I laughed, cried, was horrified, and stressed out—but I love them all!) and in my years as a fan, I have observed a *lot* of scenarios that appear in K-dramas ALL. THE. TIME.

I'm pretty sure you've noticed them, too, so let's enumerate the typical scenes we often see in K-dramas:

1. Rich or poor, the lead always has the latest mobile phone unit.

Even if they eat ramyeon for dinner every night, poor K-drama characters have the newest phone model! Life may suck but at least your phone has a 12-megapixel camera and 256GB storage, right? This goes the same with their OOTDs and bags that are from luxury brands. Yes, we're looking at you, Dal Mi

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Common K-drama scenes

2. Speaking of ramyeon, the noodle dish is eaten straight from the pot.

A life hack we learned from K-dramas: Slurp piping hot ramyeon not in a bowl but in a pot para less hugasan! If they share it, the other person eats the instant noodles on the pot's lid. How resourceful is that?

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3. There's no need to bring an umbrella outside because an oppa will gladly share his.

When it's about to drizzle, the guy is always ready with an umbrella or he might buy from a nearby convenience store (the usual colors: white, yellow, or transparent). After that, he'll be walking happily with the girl under the pouring rain! Kilig level: 200. 

Common K-drama scenes
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4. Going on a date? Subway is on top of mind.

Fancy restaurant who??? I only know Subway! The brand is a frequent advertiser on K-dramas and you'll see the leads having a good conversation over ham sandwiches and cups of juice. 

5. Sleeping during a bus ride is required.

The moment they fall asleep on a bus, you'll catch K-drama characters with their head on someone's shoulder, which can be a friend or crush. If they're just alone and surrounded by strangers, they'll wake up in time for their bus stop (or get lost because it's a different one)!

Common K-drama scenes
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6. The long-lost childhood friend is the one they'll end up with.

A perfect example: Im Ju Kyung and Lee Suho! They encountered each other when Ju Kyung transferred to Suho's school. The two soon realized that they already met as a child and...they live happily ever after. Repeat after me: Sana all.

7. When they stumble, it has to be in front of their crush.

Nope, they won't hurt their head because a cutie is all set to catch them! Kapag nadadapakailangan talaga sa harap ni crush, 'no? Eun Dan Oh, this one's for you.

8. A kissing scene must be filmed from all angles.

Left, right, bird's eye view, worm's eye view—you name it, the prod team will film it from different perspectives! Also, it has to be in slow motion para damang-dama. Vincenzo Cassano and Hong Cha Young, take it away!

9. A ~dramatic~ accident is most likely to happen thanks to a white truck.

Just when you thought that things are going just fine, the K-drama character (or their car) gets hit by a vehicle, specifically a white truck! Yup, no other color or automobile can do.

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10. After an accident (of any form), you'll see them with an IV drip in the hospital.

Not all of them say goodbye immediately, so they'll be unconscious first on a hospital bed. Once they wake up, they'll still look soooo good (with a small bruise para realistic) as if nothing happened!

11. The chaebol's son is almost always masungit.

But he eventually softens when he discovers the girl's quirks and then he'll fall in love with her so hard. Gu Jun Pyo was a snobbish brat until he met Geum Jan Di! Also, their different life status (and the guy's mom) won't stop them from being together. #TrueLove

12. The inevitable sad ending for the second lead.

Sila yung nauna pero hindi naging wakas! When they get heartbroken, so do we. Sometimes, we would root for them more than the main lead but the drama's writer begs to differ, huhu. Alexa, please play "Paubaya" by Moira Dela Torre.

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13. K-drama characters who are more than a hundred years old never seem to age.

Case in point: Goblin's Kim Shin, Hotel Del Luna's Jang Man Wol, My Love From The Star's Do Min Joon, and My Girlfriend Is  A Gumiho's Mi Ho. Please drop your skincare routine, oppas and noonas

14. The mandatory wrist grab.

Caught in a love triangle? The best way to fight for your girl is to grab her wrist! Of course, the other side will do the same thing. There's also another interpretation to this common scenario: It means that the guy doesn't want the girl to leave so he'll grab her wrist and say "Hajima!".

15. Tying the female lead's hair is more fun when it's done by the male lead.

Idk about you but this scene gives so much feels! It's adorable especially when you see the expression on the leads' faces when the hair tying moment is done. *screams internally*

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