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Celeb Moms Get Real About Motherhood

They all know the immense struggle.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/andieigengirl, (RIGHT) Instagram/saabmagalona

While some celebs are spending Mother's Day to honor their moms, some have taken the time to talk about motherhood. Of course, this isn't to say that we should all be moms. Not at all. This is to say that motherhood and kids are blessings in their own right and shouldn't be imposed on women. So here are the celebs who've opened up about the beauty and hardships of being a mom, and what makes them ultimately love it.

Andi Eigenmann

Andi, who’s pregnant with her second daughter, writes that she’s proud to be a mother “who gets to raise her children [in paradise].”

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Divine Lee

Divine, who’s also pregnant with her second child, found a best friend in her son Basquiat Delfin Go, aka Baz. She's thankful she chose to freeze her eggs early—it’s because of this that she was able to give birth at 36 and carry another child at 37.

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Lara Quigaman

Lara opens up about being exhausted and crying most of the time since becoming a mom. She points out how her body has changed and that she has insecurities. But for her, all these are nothing to seeing her kids happy. She ends her post by saying she’s with all the struggling moms out there.

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Saab Magalona

Also pregnant with her second child, Saab shared an empowering post calling all moms to embrace the messiness that also defines motherhood. For her, that’s how moms get things done.

Cristalle Belo

Cristalle is thankful to be a mom to her son Hunter James Pitt, and is excited to have more adventures with him.

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Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca let the photos do the talking. She first shared a cartoon of a sleepless-looking mom, with a doctor telling her she has the case of “children.” But the host followed that up with a photo of her kids and captioned it “Best gifts EVER.”

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Rochelle Pangilinan

Rochelle did a different kind of reality check today. While she says it’s great to be a mom, she recognizes that as her daughter Shiloh grows, things—her needs—will be different. Still, the dancer and actress promises her two-month-old a bright future.

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