Khloé's 'determined to show that she is happy.'
Khloé Kardashian reportedly spent her first Mother's Day alone in Cleveland, a source told People. The plan was originally for her to fly back to LA to spend the day with her family, but she decided to stay."Khloé is
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on May 16, 2017!
1 Taylor Swift has remained super low-key for the most of 2017, having not done any public appearances since February. But over the Mother's Day weekend, Tay Tay was spotted visiting her mom in Nashville. The pop superstar, who stayed
Things got weird.
Lots of women say their appetites change during pregnancy, with new cravings and flavor aversions-but it's not all pickles and ice cream. Here, five women reveal how their appetites really changed during pregnancy."During my first trimester, I wasn't
You're actually just 'borrowing' them.
Have you always been curious about your mom's beauty routine-like what keeps her skin glowing and youthful? Or maybe you've wondered how those expensive creams and lipsticks on her vanity worked?We know you're tempted to try them
'She is, and will always be, my hero.'
Raising a child with a partner is hard enough, so imagine how hard it is to raise one on your own. And not just one child, but four. All while holding down full-time work and odd jobs on the side. All
#ParentingGoals, LOL!
In honor of Mother's Day, we're listing local celebrity moms whose outfits we always admire. Needless to say, their kids are always well-dressed, too!Marian Rivera and Zia DantesSarah Lahbati and Zion GutierrezAndi Manzano and Olivia ReyesChesca Garcia, and
Happy mother's day! XOXO
As a tribute to our favorite celebrity mommies, here are some of their sweetest moments on Instagram with their babies!VIDEO: Trina Elefante Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
They give us a glimpse of just how strong and special all mothers are.
She works tirelessly to give you everything you need and constantly worries about you. And while you don't always see eye to eye, you know that she always has your best interest at heart-that's MOM for you! And as
She will definitely appreciate these additions to her wardrobe!
Shopping around for a Mother's Day gift? Surprise Mom with something chic and classic for her closet. She'll definitely be able to use these 10 items for work, weekends, and everything else in between.Floral blouse, P1,995, MangoRuffled blouse,
How many are you getting her?
If your mom loves beauty just as much as you, indulge her with the prettiest lipsticks that she can wear every day. Most moms love practical lipstick shades that are easy to wear and swipe on every day, so check out this
Better start planning that mother-daughter date!
It's Mother's Day this Sunday. So while your family probably already has a fancy celebration all planned out, you can always make the extra effort to show your mom how much she means to you by having a mother-daughter
It's so interesting to see the differences in styling!
Raise your hand if you can relate: Being told by your mom that she used to own the exact things you're wearing in 2017-and that, of course, she didn't bother keeping any of them to hand down to you
Don't forget to give your mama a tight hug after reading this!
We've officially started May! This month not only signifies the final stretch of summer (boo-hoo), it's also the time to celebrate the most important woman in our lives: our moms! In a few weeks we'll be celebrating Mother'
The perks of being Mrs. West.
Kanye West surprised wife Kim Kardashian on Mother's Day by hiring a string orchestra to perform in their home.The rapper is known for his over-the-top gifts and he didn't disappoint on Sunday, as mother-of-two Kim
'From the day I saw the most precious eyes, I believed in miracles to the core.'
Britney Spears has written a touching tribute to her two young sons for Mother's Day on Sunday.The popstar penned a letter to her boys, Sean Preston, 10, and Jayden James, nine, as part of a series titled Letters From Mom
She’ll definitely love these!
It's a given fact that women live out of their handbags-we're notorious for having everything in there! We probably get this trait from our moms, seeing as they're prepared for just about anything based on the contents of
Pabango will always #win with moms!
It doesn't have to be Mother's Day or her birthday for you to treat your mom to luxurious beauty things that she will truly enjoy. And because pabango will always #win with our mothers, here are 10 perfumes mom will
For single moms, today is both Mother's and Father's Day-whether by choice or circumstance, these strong women carry the huge responsibility of raising a child solo. Here, we got six real single moms to reveal through a short love
A catalog of our mothers' words we live by. We love you, Mom!
Work hard and fight for your dreams.~*~No dream is ever too big.~*~Apply sunblock and lotion daily.~*~You can't change a guy-turn him from a bad boy to a good one. Change is entirely up to him.~*~Know your
She taught me that there are no shortcuts when it comes to beauty.
Your cooking will never compare to mom's.
1. He'll always turn to mom for advice. Since she's been coddling him since he was wearing diapers, so every obstacle he encounters in life will need her two cents. Don't kid yourself into thinking that it doesn't
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