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Cosmo Online Hunk Mike Advincula: Year-End Romeo

We're closing 2011 on a romantic note, as we got our December hottie to talk about his love life. Make it your 2012 goal to be the perfect catch for guys like Mike.

December can be just as romantic as February, we daresay. Isn't Christmas also the season when couples cuddle, plan romantic activities over the break, and cook up the most kilig holiday surprises for each other? Even if your Christmas is figuratively malamig, we want to warm you up by showing you just how sweet and romantic our December Cosmo Online Hunk Mike Advincula can get.

If last week he was sexy, this time, we're showing you his soft side, to end his Online Hunk stint and 2011 on a positive, romantic note. We asked him to open up about his current relationship, and he even shared some tips for getting over a fight and how to win back a guy's heart, among other couple topics. With his insights, you can turn yourself into a catch guys would be fighting over in 2012. Read on for his fourth and final interview below, and don't forget to click through his last batch of gorgeous photos.

Can you tell us how you met your girlfriend and what first attracted you to her?

We met nung birthday ko last year. Pinakilala siya sa'kin and the one thing that attracted me the most to her is her hair, kasi her hair is long and kulot. Last year kasi uso 'yung “Waka-Waka” ni Shakira, e 'yung buhok niya saktong-saktong ganun kaya sobrang na-“waka-waka” 'yung utak ko nung nakita ko siya (laughs). So 'yun, attraction was there, it was her hair talaga.

What do you love most about her now?

Well, definitely it would be her support talaga. I mean, even though sobrang busy ako ngayon, even though halos wala na akong oras para sa kanya, she’s super supportive and she’s always there for me, and faithful pa rin siya kaya ayun, good (laughs).

What are the non-negotiables for you in a relationship?

One would be, kailangan talagang magkita kayo, no matter what. Kailangan talagang nakikita ko siya at nahahawakan, nandyan siya physically, kasi para sa'kin mahirap ' yung long distance relationship. I don’t necessarily support that; sobrang importanteng-importanteng makasama ko siya at least once a week. And…'pag mag-away kami, kailangan at the end of the day, tapos na 'yung away na 'yun.

What’s the sweetest thing your girlfriend has done for you?

Dami... Actually my girlfriend has done a lot of things for me. She’s been there for me throughout everything--sa swimming, sa MYX. So the sweetest thing talaga would be there was this one time that she was really willing--kasi wala akong transportation that time. The sweetest thing was that umaga na, tulog na siya and then I texted her that I had no transportation going home kasi sobrang lakas ng bagyo e, and galing pa akong North noon, sa ABS-CBN, and I had to go all the way down South where I live, and she lives down South, too. So the sweetest thing was that sinundo pa niya ako. Kaya ayun, medyo knight in shining armor ko siya e.

How do you show affection?

Aside from the physical stuff na hugs and kisses, I show my affection through, you know, taking her out and always reminding her na no matter what happens to me, andyan din ako para sa kanya.

What’s your advice for getting through rough patches?

No matter what happens, no matter how rough 'yung problema o nangyayari sa inyo, lilipas din 'yan e, matatapos din 'yan in time. It may not be today, may not be tomorrow, but eventually madadaanan n'yo 'yan. So for example, ikaw ang may problema, you’re going through a rough time with your partner, isipin n'yo na lang na in a few years' time matatapos din 'yun, tapos when you look back on it, it will just be either a funny story or a good story to tell.

What’s the best way to win back a guy’s heart after a fight?

The best way talaga is dapat i-remind ako about all the good stuff that she’s done for me. Kasi sometimes us being normal people, once magkaproblema sa relationship, 'yung iisipin mo lang 'yung problema e. Nakakalimutan natin 'yung good times, the good stuff she’s done. Actually kung iispin mo, kung bibilangin mo, siyempre there are a lot of good things that she’s done and ngayong nagkaproblema lang, kung may kasalanan siya, all she has to do is to remind me about all the other good things that she’s done. Ayun, para makalimutan ko rin 'yung one thing na nagbo-bother sa'kin.

What do you wish you could understand about women?

Wow, marami e! One thing that I want to understand is how come they always they get mad when we’re late, when nagdo-DotA kami. Hindi ko maintindihan 'yun kung bakit sobrang inis na inis sila 'pag nagdo-DotA 'yung mga lalaki. ‘Di lang DotA, pati video games. Kahit ano e, 'di ba? I don’t know, I don’t know what’s their problem. It’s just a video game. Actually 'yun. Being late, actually dahil sa DotA rin 'yun e (laughs). Why, what’s their problem with the video game world? 'Yun, 'yun lang.

What do you wish women could understand about men?

I bet 'yung girls they’re wondering what’s with DotA rin (laughs).

So we're guessing you're passionate about playing DotA.

Yeah! Professional ako (laughs). Nah, just kidding. Pero yeah, I play with my friends and it’s usually time-consuming kaya ayun. I bet girls [also wonder] why do guys prefer, not necessarily DotA, pero stuff like for example, basketball. Why do guys pick basketball over them? Why do guys pick you know, going out with their barkada over them? Stuff like that.

Outfit: Long-sleeved shirt and shoes, Forever 21 Men. Jeans, Mundo at The Ramp Crossings.

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