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Cosmo Online Hunk Ryan Chester: In Bed

The wait is over! This British hottie bares all on his final week as our featured hunk.
You sat in rapt attention in his yoga studio, whiled the time away at his home, and got to know him on a date. After weeks of seeing him in various states of dress and undress, Cosmo Online Hunk Ryan Chester finally invites us into the bedroom.

Our crush-worthy yoga teacher gets candid and tells us what he dons to bed, where his lips would land, and what he’d do after the deed. Everything’s behind closed doors from here!

What do you wear to bed: pajamas, boxers, or nothing?

Zilch. Nothing.

Which part of your body is the most ticklish?

I’m not really ticklish. I’m not ticklish anywhere.

What part of a woman’s body do you love to kiss?

Depends on the girl, ‘cause some girls have areas that you might find attractive. If the girl has really nice legs, I like to kiss her legs. If she has really, really nice lips, I like to kiss her lips. So it depends on the girl.

What do you think of one-night stands?

I think if two people have a good time together, and they both know what they’re doing, it’s their decision if they both want to do it.

What do you like to do after sex: cuddle, sleep, or go again?

That depends also (laughs). I like to cuddle, but you can’t sleep straight away after sex anymore. She wakes me up. I used to be really tired after sex, but it doesn’t really help me sleep. So we cuddle, and then go again.

Shot on location at the Gateway Regency Showroom, Ground Floor Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.54
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