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Cosmo Online Hunk Ryan Chester: On A Date

This British yoga hottie tells Cosmo how he’d wine and dine his way into your heart—benefits of yoga in bed aside.
British yoga instructor Ryan Chester got steamy in the yoga studio, got cozy at home, and now he gets suave on a date!

At 34, Ryan has been around the dating block, had his share of dating mishaps, and, lucky for you single ladies, is now unattached. Ryan reveals to Cosmo what qualities he looks for in a girl. Find out if you fit the bill!

Where would you take a girl on the first date?

Depends on the girl, on how I met her, who I met her through, and what kind of connections we have. We [could] just go somewhere we can talk, [have] dinner, go out for a drink in a nice, lounge-y kind of place where we can chat and get to know each other.

Do you like fancy restaurants?

I’m a yoga teacher. I can’t afford to get too extravagant. But you can have a nice night out without paying P6,000 for a meal. You can still have decent food and nice company.

So where do you usually go?

If I go out, [that’s] in Makati: maybe to the Mandarin Hotel, in Martinis. It has a good crowd, good music.

Tell us about your worst date experience.

I’ve been pretty lucky. I don’t really have any bad date experiences where I’ve wanted to leave. I’ve met someone before who I had only seen through pictures. And when I eventually met up with her, it wasn’t really the same person. I just said, “Look, it’s not really working out for me. I don’t wanna waste your time. I’m just gonna go. It was nice meeting you.”

What can a girl do that would turn you off on a first date?

Smoke. It smells and tastes terrible. I really dislike it when a girl is a smoker.

Would you sleep with a girl on the first date?

As a guy? Of course not! (Laughs)

What makes you ask a girl out on a second date?

Depends on how the first date went: if the first date was successful and we gel. I’ve been out with girls whom I’ve found physically attractive, but when I’ve been on a date with them, there’s nothing too amazing there, so it’s not really worth pursuing. There’s got to be something there that’s not just physical attraction.

Are there any specific qualities you look for in a girl?

Filipina (laughs). Maganda, nice personality, dresses good. I like lots of qualities but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have all of them.

Have you ever dated a Filipina?

Of course. S’yempre naman!

But you’re not dating anyone seriously right now?

Not right now. Things recently haven’t been working out. But I’m good.

So you’re single?

I certainly am.

Shot on location at iRepublik Ilocandia Grill, Ground Floor CKB Centre, Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City. 72
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