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Cosmo Reads: 8 (Almost) Cheap Books To Take Your Mind Off Your (Almost) Empty Purse

Running for "Most Stylish Tightwad Of The Year?" Itchin' to get rich? Or simply looking for something to read? Well, read this!

What the title of this article says is true. Almost.

On this Cosmo list are a total of eight books: two titles that save you from being a broke-n mess and six more that save your sanity by distracting you from your money woes with engrossing plots—fictitious or otherwise—all priced between "what a steal!" and "so worth it!"

In consideration of savvy Cosmo spenders, most of these must-flip choices just hit the shelves, are in paperback form, and sold cheaper by specified sellers. There are a couple, though, that'll cost you more than P500—latest reads from celebrated authors who, as our title says, never fail to divert us from reality with tales compelling enough to be turned into flicks. So don't worry, dolls, these are all reasonably priced picks. After all, we would never let you pay thousands for a temporary distraction!

Now, start reading!

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