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An Honest Review Of 'He Is Psychometric'

GOT7 stans, this drama is for you!
PHOTO: He Is Psychometric/tvN

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers 

A young Lee Ahn (Park Jin Young) loses his parents when a fire breaks out in their apartment complex. That fateful night, he is saved from the flames by brooding teen Seung Mo (Kim Kwon). The traumatic event leaves Ahn with psychometric powers that allow him to see memories from a person's past when he establishes skin-to-skin contact.

Fast forward to years later. We are introduced to Ahn as an adorkable teenager who constantly gets into mischief. He lives with Seung Mo, who has established himself as a star prosecutor. We also meet detective Eun Ji Soo (Kim Da Som) who's been crushing on Seung Mo since college and has a soft spot for Ahn (she's his go-to get out of jail card). Completing the drama's quartet of main leads is super smart transfer student Yoon Jae In (Shin Ye Eun). Though she and Ahn start off at the wrong foot, fate unites them as they join Seung Mo and Ji Soo on a quest to find a serial murderer whose ties to their past run deep.


The Short, Honest Plot 

This romantic thriller follows a mold similar to legal dramas While You Were Sleeping and I Hear Your Voice sans courtroom scenes. It explores how people are marked by painful memories but are defined by the choices they make.

The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them 

Park Jin Young (Jinyoung) as Lee Ahn

Prior to his 2014 debut as a lead vocalist for K-pop boyband GOT7, Jinyoung was cast in dramas Dream High 2 and When A Man Falls In Love. Even when his K-pop career took off, Jinyoung's love for acting did not waver. He starred in Dream Knight, This is Love, and even copped the role of the teen version of Lee Min Ho's character, Kim Dam Ryung, in Legend Of The Blue Sea.

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Shin Ye Eun as Yoon Jae In

Up-and-coming actress Shin Ye Eun made her acting debut last year in web series A-Teen. He Is Psychometric is her first lead role. K-pop fans know her for being a host of TV show Music Bank alongside Golden Child's Choi Bo Min (aka the high school cutie from Melting Me Softly).


Kim Kwon as Kang Seung Mo

Charming Kim Kwon has been acting since 2012. His notable dramas include supporting roles in Witch At Court and Marry Me Now. His scene-stealing performance as Lee Ahn's stone-cold hyung has earned him enough attention to guarantee more future K-drama roles (we're keeping our fingers crossed and are hoping to see him back in K-Dramaland soon!).


Kim Da Som as Eun Ji Soo

Kim Da Som is best known for being a member of K-pop girl group SISTAR. The group served hits like "So Cool," "Touch My Body," and "Give It to Me" before they officially disbanded in 2017. You can also catch her in dramas Band Of Sisters and Ms. Kim's Mystery.


Did You Know?

1. Shin Ye Eun is super passionate about dancing. She revealed that JYP labelmate Jinyoung taught her some dance moves.

2. You can catch Shin Ye Eun starring alongside heartthrob Kim Myung Soo when K-drama Welcome airs in 2020!

3. GOT7 members JB and Yugyeom teased Jinyoung a lot after watching episodes of He Is Psychometric. The two members showed their support by singing "Take" from the drama's OST.

4. During one of his interviews, Jinyoung confessed that he was scolded by the director when he filmed his first kiss scene with Shin Ye Eun because he was all shy and awkward. He had no choice but to amp up his romance moves and go head on as instructed (kudos to the director for making sure the dramas kilig moments were spot on!).

What I Think:

He Is Psychometric is definitely worth your time. It plays like a manhwa (Korean comic book) from start to finish. Each episode is packed with plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I love how the characters are so multi-dimensional and how you get to learn more about them and their motives as the drama unfolds. Lee Ahn and Yoon Jae In's love story was woven so delicately into the plot that it doesn't feel forced or contrived. It's spontaneous and raw in the same way that young love is IRL.


I'd Recommend It To:

GOT7 fans, of course! Fans of the group, especially those who stan Jinyoung, will be so proud of how far he's come in terms of honing his acting chops. Fans of legal dramas like While You Were Sleeping and I Can Hear Your Voice will also enjoy how this drama echoes a similar feel but stands on its own thanks to its solid plot and the stellar acting delivered by its cast.

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