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James Reid And Ryan Bang's Mukbang Is Guaranteed To Make You So, So Hungry

They even channeled their inner ~*chefs*~!
James Reid and Ryan Bang's mukbang vlog
PHOTO: YouTube/Ryan Bang

It looks like James Reid has been spending a lot of time with his BFF and fellow PBB Teen Clas alum, Ryan Bang. After his oppa hair transformation at Ryan's salon, the BFFs also had a mukbang session on the same day!

In a separate vlog, James and Ryan savored Korean food from Ducup, and Ryan mentioned na paborito pala ni James ang Korean food! "Noong 2010, after PBBhalos every day kumakain kami sa Korean restaurant." 

Ryan Bang and James Reid bonds over Korean food
YouTube/Ryan Bang
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Ryan then let James pick what meal he wanted from the menu, and he opted for the soy chicken rice combo that has rice, japchae (glass noodles), soy chicken, and Korean skewers. He also added buldak sauce on top of his rice cup, and OMG, even if he likes spicy food, he still found it to be really strong! ICYDK, this kind of Korean hot sauce is on the extreme side that it even started an internet craze, aka the fire noodle challenge!

We also learned something new from Ryan: To determine if kimchi sold in glass jars is fresh, you should hear a popping sound the moment you open the container. The more you know, guys!

Back to their mukbang sesh, James and Ryan had a *mini* fight on what a mandu is, LOL. James asked if it's a dumpling, and Ryan kept saying that it's mandu. Well, tama naman sila parehobecause mandu means Korean dumplings!

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Ryan Bang and James Reid mukbang session
YouTube/Ryan Bang

After they munched on Ducup's rice combo meals, the BFFs transformed into #shefs and cooked kimchi rice (mostly Ryan). Now here's what will make you LOL: James asked Ryan if he has cooked before, and Ryan answered, "It's my first time to cook. I watch YouTube." You guys, sobrang relatable, hahaha!

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Ryan Bang and James Reid eats kimchi fried rice
YouTube/Ryan Bang

Curious how the dish came out? According to James, he really loves the Ducup meals. You get the point. ;)

Ryan Bang and James Reid eats Ducup rice combo
YouTube/Ryan Bang
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You can watch James and Ryan's mukbang vlog right here:

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