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10 K-Pop Songs That Were Dedicated To Fans

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K-pop songs dedicated to fans

K-pop fans are one of the most devoted fandoms you'll ever meet—apart from collecting all the available merch released, they would also put up billboards on their faves' birthday, donate to charities under the name of their idols, and so much more. To show how much they love them back, K-pop groups never forget to thank their fans during concerts, fan meetings, and live broadcasts. And if that's not enough, they would also dedicate songs to them! Here are some of the K-pop tracks that were written for their fandoms.

K-Pop Songs Dedicated To Fans

1. "We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal" by BTS

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

We were only seven
But we have you all now
After seven winters and springs
At the tips of our entwined fingers
Yeah, we got to heaven

2. "One In A Million" by TWICE

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

One in a million, cheer up
You're something special
One in a million, the only one in the world
You're a masterpiece
You are perfect
One in a million, I believe in you, you’re perfect


3. "Thanks" by SEVENTEEN

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

Because they’re such common words
I was worried it wouldn’t sound sincere
I was looking for something better than just thank you
So I couldn’t tell you thank you

4. "Lucky" by EXO

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

Because you're my first
Because this song is about you
I'm smiling like this, so only you can see
Are you looking at me right now?
I have a new dream
It's to be a better man
Because your eyes that look at me
Make me run again more than anything else

5. "Goodbye" by 2NE1

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

Don't forget
Even when things are hard sometimes, it's okay
When you wanna lean on someone, come to me
Though I can't be with you forever
It's just for a moment

6. "Beautiful Feeling" by DAY6

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

Every moment I breathe
Under the same sky, with you
Like and love
Aren’t enough
To express this beautiful feeling

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7. "From U" by Super Junior

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

We met several years ago for the first time
And it was love at first sight
Baby wherever I went,
You stayed by my side like a shadow

8. "An Ode To You" by SHINee

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

I’ll be your song
I’ll become quiet music
So I can wipe away
All your painful tears
I’ll be your song
I’ll be your breath that you can comfortably breathe
If only I can take a step to you

9. "I Love You Forever" by BTOB

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

Past, present, future
The blue waters only reflect me
Melody melody, forever you and me
Past, present, future, I love you
Wherever you are
Melody melody, forever you and me

10. "Sailing" by Girls' Generation

The lyrics that will make you *cry*:

Sailing into the night
Even though we may be left in the darkness
Let’s be together until the end
We are again and again and again
Even though it may
Become faint over the years
I will keep it like the promise
On that summer day


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