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Yup, Khalil Ramos Actually Met Gabbi Garcia's Parents On Their Very *First Date*


Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos' love story started out in 2015 when they met through their mutual friends Julia Barretto and Kathryn Bernardo. But because of ~life~ and things not falling to place just yet, it wasn't until 2017 when they went on their first date. In their latest Figure It Out podcast, Gabbi and Khalil shared how they finally got their chance to go on a dateand it actually involved Gabbi's parents!

When she told her mom and dad about her date with Khalil, Gabbi didn't expect them to be super supportive of her meeting him. "Surprisingly, they were okay with it," she shared. "Knowing my dad, he's so strict, but for some reason, it was okay for him."

Gabbi and Khalil's first date wasn't this grand, ligaw-type of date, but a chill dinner over Japanese food. At that time, Gabbi didn't have a driver so both her parents were the ones to bring her from her acting workshop to her date with Khalil in BGC, with Gabbi still wearing her super casual workshop clothes.

Here's how they met from Gabbi's POV:

"My parents picked me up from workshop and then they brought me na to Ogawa. So cut to: We were magka-text and Kali was like, 'Oh, I'm here in front standing.' So from afar pa lang I can see you na in the car. Tapos my mom and dad were like, 'Ah, ayun siya! Ayun siya!'specifically my mom. So I was like, hmm okay. Parang nanibago ako 'cause it was just the second time I saw you."


What happened next was even cuter: They stopped their car in front of Khalil, and as Gabbi went down, her parents rolled down their windows to say hi! "Nagulat ako," Khalil said. "Like, oh my gosh, 'Hi, po!' Nag-meet the parents agad on the very first date." Although he was a bit caught off guard from the sudden meet and greet, Khalil stressed that "They were super kind. They didn't intimidate me at all."

From Khalil's perspective, though, when he saw Gabbi's van pull up in front of him and then seeing Gabbi's parents, he automatically took off his cap and said hello to them (even if he was so embarrassed with his hat hair). This gesture actually got the seal of approval from Gabbi's parents, especially her mom.

When it came to their actual date, the two of them felt like old friends catching up with none of the jitters and expectations that usually come with first dates. Gabbi's mom also constantly texted her that night excitedly asking how it was going. But here's the funny thing: When Gabbi asked where her parents were and if they were going to pick her up, her mom said they'd already gone home!

"Hindi ako inintay! So in my head, 'Oh my god, you guys left me," she shared. Gabbi then had to awkwardly tell Khalil she had to take a Grab or Uber home, but she was left pleasantly surprised by what he said next. "So si Kali was like, 'Oh, I can take you home if you don't mind.' That's what you told me. I remember it so clearly…I love how you said that because it wasn't so pushy, it was respectful, parang you weren't gonna take advantage of me…Sabi mo nga, 'If you're comfortable and if your parents are okay with it, I can take you home naman. If you don't mind.'"

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She added, "I feel like [my parents] expected na that you're gonna take me home. And it was okay for them. Siguro nakampante sila when they met you and they know na rin naman from before, they know we've been talking."

Oh, love! There's so much more fun and kilig deets about their first date in their podcast, so watch it down below:


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