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Kim Da Mi And Choi Woo Shik Are Reuniting In A Rom-Com Drama And We Are Screaming

'The Witch' fans, please all rise!
Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik's upcoming drama, Us That Year

If you've watched the thriller movie The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion, get excited because it's just been confirmed that Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik are reuniting, and this time, they'll be leading the rom-com K-drama, Us That Year

Here's everything you need to know about Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik's upcoming K-drama, Us That Year:

The plot of Us That Year, starring Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik

Us That Year is a romantic comedy K-drama that will tell us the story of a couple's relationship that eventually leads to an ugly breakup. They swore they never wanted to see each other again, but when their decade-old high school documentary is discovered, they found themselves filming in front of the camera.Will sparks fly for the second time around or will they still resent each other? All we know is that it's going to be an exciting drama that revolves around a couple's ambitions, love, and growth!


The cast of the K-drama Us That Year

Kim Da Mi, who you probably remember as Jo Yi Seo in the 2020 top-rating drama Itaewon Class, plays the lead role in Us That Year as Gook Yeon Soo. When she was still a student, her ultimate goal in life was to become number one. Growing up, she does her best to *adult* despite her sad past, and still tries to live her life fiercely. Apart from her impressive portrayal in Itaewon Class, Kim Da Mi has raked in multiple awards and praises in the film, The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion. Currently, she's filming the remake of the Chinese movie, Soulmate

Kim Da Mi in Us That Year
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Choi Woo Shik will play the role of Choi Woong, a free-spirited guy who can be serious once he "finds something he wants in life for the first time." The actor has starred in a number of critically acclaimed movies and dramas, such as Train To BusanOkjaParasite, and Fight For My Way. Woo Shik is one busy actor this year with a string of projects under his belt, including WonderlandThe Policeman's Lineage, and Youn's Stay (with his BFF, Park Seo Joon).

Choi Woo Shik in Us That Year

Us That Year will be Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik's  reunion project after working together in The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion. In this 2018 blockbuster film, Da Mi is a student with a *dark* past while Woo Shik is a villain who reminds Da Mi's character of her roots. A sequel is reported to be in the works and *might* just feature our oppa, Lee Jong Suk!

Who's producing Us That Year?

Studio N, the company that produced popular webtoon-turned-dramas like tvN's True Beauty and  OCN's Strangers From Hell, will take on a new endeavor with Us That Year as their first original K-drama. The production house is a sub-unit of Naver Webtoon, aka the South Korean platform where you can read digital comics.

Is Us That Year based on a webtoon?

We're all used to webtoons being adapted into series but Us That Year is different as it will be simultaneously produced. Meaning, we can watch it on the small screen and read it on Naver Webtoon at the same time! The drama will bring us to the lead character's story as adults, while the webtoon version is a prequel about their high school life.


How many episodes does Us That Year have and when will it premiere?

Based on reports, Us That Year will have 16 episodes and filming will start in the second half of 2021. Its release date hasn't been announced yet.

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