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8 Kim Seo Hyung Dramas And Films That You Shouldn't Miss

We can’t get enough of this lead actress from 'Mine'!
Kim Seo Hyung dramas and movies

Here at Cosmo, we’re *huge* fans of the mysterious family-centric K-drama Mine, and there’s no one we love more in it than actress Kim Seo Hyung who plays the elegant, powerful Jung Seo Hyun, first daughter-in-law of the Hyowon household. But Seo Hyung’s acting in Mine is just the tip of the iceberg. This award-winning actress has done plenty of exciting career-defining movies and dramas over the years, and we’re here to share them with you. Have you watched any of them?

We rounded up eight of Kim Seo Hyung's dramas and films that you should watch right now:

Early Projects

1. Temptation of Wife (2008)

It’s hard not to remember this hit drama, which aired on local television and even spawned a Philippine adaptation. Temptation of Wife is a makjang (over-the-top) melo about Eun Jae (Jang Seo Hee), a woman thought dead who returns to get revenge on her cheating ex-husband and his new wife. It’s famous for how its lead character only adds a mole to her face to differentiate her new character from her old one. Long-haired Seo Hyung plays the evil wife Ae Ri, and she became known as one of K-dramaland’s most hated villains ever (we totally get why!).  

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2. Late Spring (2014)

This movie made its rounds in international film festivals, winning plenty of awards including Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Film for Seo Hyung at the 3rd Madrid International Film Festival. Set in 1969, it tells the story of a sculptor with progressive muscular paralysis. To help him regain his zest for life and art, his wife, Jeong Sook (played by Seo Hyung), hires a young mom to be his model. The film is known, not just for its heartbreaking story, but also for its breathtaking cinematography, which highlights the beautiful scenery of South Korea.

3. Assembly (2015)

In this thrilling political drama, Sang Pil (Jung Jae Young), a veteran shipyard welder becomes the spokesman for his union after he and his co-workers get unfairly sacked. Things take a weird turn, and he finds himself elected into the national assembly and being forced to play the political game. Seo Hyung plays talented Hong Chan Mi, an assembly member and a supporter of the pro-Blue House faction. She becomes Sang Pil’s lawyer when he gets accused of bribery.  

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Recommended Videos

4. The Good Wife (2016)

You might recognize this title from the original US TV series of the same name. After her prosecutor husband gets arrested for corruption, housewife Hye Kyung (Jeon Do Yeon) decides to restart her career as a lawyer. She joins MJ Law Firm and works on cases with the rest of the staff. Seo Hyung plays Myung Hee, co-managing partner at the firm, a lady who takes her job and her staff seriously. She becomes a sturdy rock Hye Kung can rely on.


5. The Villainess (2017)

Here’s another critically acclaimed movie with awards from international film festivals in Seo Hyung’s portfolio. In this action thriller, a woman trained to be an assassin since she was young gets a new identity and becomes an agent of Korea’s intelligence agency in the aftermath of her mentor’s death. We see flashbacks of Yeon Soo’s (Kim Ok Vin) old life as she starts killing targets for the agency. Seo Hyung plays agency leader Kwon Sook, the woman who assigns the targets and holds clues to secrets in Yeon Soo’s life. 

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Recent Projects

6. SKY Castle (2018)

This is the critically-acclaimed and highly-rated drama that catapulted Seo Hyung back to fame, a satirical story about a group of women living in the same elite complex, all focused in getting their children into elite schools, no matter what the cost. Seo Hyung plays the antagonist Kim Joo Young, a private coordinator who has gotten all her mentees into Seoul National University. She has an agenda of her own, and she won’t stop until she makes it happen.   

7. Nobody Knows (2020)

In this surprisingly touching crime drama, Seo Hyung plays Cha Young Jin, a detective hellbent on capturing the Stigmata serial killer, who was responsible for the murder of her childhood friend. As the mystery behind the serial killings unfolds, Young Jin is forced to choose between saving the life of a boy she wants to protect and getting justice for her friend’s murder. She won a Top Excellence Award for her stellar acting at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards.  

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8. Mine (2021)

We love a good family drama with a mysterious twist, and Mine is one of the best. Seo Hyung shows amazing depth and nuance in her portrayal of Seo Hyun, wife of the eldest son of the Hyowon household and art gallery director. As family secrets threaten to destroy everything she’s built, she does everything in her power to keep the household running. But Seo Hyun is hiding a secret of her own, and it might actually be the biggest threat of all.