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I Got To Interview Lana Condor And Noah Centineo About Their Funniest + Most Awkward Moments From 'P.S. I Still Love You'

So who do they really think Lara Jean should be with?

Do you remember that *one* movie or show that first got you hooked on a streaming app to the point of no return? For me, it's To All The Boys I've Loved Before, the very first film I watched on Netflix back when it was released in 2018.

I hold this rom-com very dear to my heart because it introduced me to the beautiful world of Netflix. And so, having the chance to talk to Lana Condor and Noah Centineothe actors who play Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinskywas a surreal experience! Now I can add "made Noah Centineo laugh" to my list of achievements (He laughed when I gave out a high-pitched "hi" because I was so excited).

Although I was a solid LJ+PK shipper after the first film, watching P.S. I Still Love You really had me swerving between the #TeamPeter and #TeamJohnAmbrose lanes multiple times. And while many of us are still conflicted for LJ, Lana and Noah seem to be settled on who they think should be with her.

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Find out what they think of Lara Jean's choice, which part of the film had a hilarious behind-the-scenes story, and their message to their Filipino fans, which they all shared during a roundtable video discussion that Cosmopolitan Philippines got to participate in.

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Are there any fun anecdotes you'd like to share from when you were filming the movie?

Noah: [Remember] the scene in the jeep with that hard conversation about sex, when Gen shows up? We're sitting there, and it's really quiet. It's late, like 12 a.m. or something.

We're on an empty street, the middle of the night, and everything's dead quiet. You can hear a pin drop. And then, in the middle of a break or in the middle of a line, my stomach's like "graaaawwr" (makes stomach growling sounds). It didn't stop! It just kept going.

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Lana: Do you know how difficult that was to act through? I would be in the middle of being like, "But I'm not ready," and [his stomach will] be like, "graaaawwr."

Noah: We were trying not to laugh! The truth is, something was served that night that just [changed] my stomach. And so, me and my buddy Clutch, when we got back to the trailer, we're like, in lockdown mode, laughing so hard. He actually tore a muscle in his upper chest area because he was laughing so hard! We opened the windows and we were screaming at base camp. People thought that something really serious was happening. We thought we had food poisoning, but we were just super gassy. It was hilarious!

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Lana: (To Noah) Do you remember that one time, I broke into your trailer and you were in the toilet? And I played Beyoncé singing in Lion King because I really badly just wanted you to understand how great her performance was?

And he was like, "Lana, I'm on the toilet," but I'm like, "But it's Beyoncé!"

Now that the relationship between Lara Jean and Peter has changed from "pretend" to real, do you think that there was a shift in dynamics between the two characters?

Noah: I think [that with] the dynamic transition, they get to settle into each other a little more, explore, and get to know each other in a deeper way. Over the course of the film, they go from wanting to never break each other's hearts and remain in the honeymoon phase, to actually growing beyond thatto facing problems together, overcoming those problems, even at the point of heartbreak. So, yeah, their dynamic absolutely shifts and I think that in the end, they realized that communication is everything.

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Lana: I think that naturally, their dynamic changes a little bit because they're faced with real-life problems. Michael Fimognari, our amazing director, puts it really well. I remember one day on set, he was saying that he feels like Lara Jean and Peter are just wrapped around each other. You see that particularly towards the end of the film, but I think they just feel more comfortable with each other. Of course, they're changing because of conflict. But ultimately, I'm happy their dynamic does change a little bit because it means that they're learning from their mistakes.

What similarities and differences do you have with your characters in To All The Boys 2?

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Noah: I think Peter is very chivalrous. And I like how, in that really awkward but also important and great conversation about sex, he was able to listen to [Lara Jean's] concerns and deal with them in a compassionate way. And that ultimately turned into a cute moment. I find that, whenever you have to have hard conversations with people, my approach is similar. So I think the way that he goes about hard conversations is similar. But he's far more athletic than I am!


Lana: I'm much louder, I'm more annoying, I talk way more, [and] I think I'm more confident than Lara Jean. But there are lots of similarities—I love to read, I love to write. I'm constantly lost in my head. I see everything, which I think is one of my greatest flaws and [also] one of the greatest things about me. I see everything and I take in everything that's going on around me, and I think Lara Jean is a lot like that. I don't think there are details that are really missed in her mind and I think I'm very similar to that.

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You guys were able to film in so many places for the sequel, but where did you have the most fun filming at and why?

Noah: The fair was pretty good.

Lana: The fair! The fair was the best because we rented out a whole carnival on the production [set]. And the way that we shot it was so fun because our director was like, "Okay, guys, just go run around the fair and we'll just follow you as you hang out." It was so much fun!


Who do you personally think Lara Jean should have ended up with? How happy are you that she has the agency to choose for herself?

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Lana: I'm so happy. I think that's the whole point—it's to make decisions that are right for yourself and right for your own heart. I'm personally very happy that she ended up with Peter Kavinsky because I think Peter excites her. I think he is someone that pushes her out of her comfort zone in a way that she really needs, if she wants to grow. So I'm really happy with that, with her choice.

Noah: I'm psyched! I think it's great and important. Peter and Lara Jean have something that should be explored right now, [but] I think it's [also] quite possible that John Ambrose is right for Lara Jean, and Lara Jean is right for John Ambrose down the line. They could have something very powerful. But for now, I'm stoked on Peter.

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Lara Jean and Peter made a promise to each other at the start of the sequel. What promise can you give to all of us about the third installment of the series?

Noah: If you think there's a struggle in the second film, just wait until you see the third.

Lana: I can promise you, that if you are a fan of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky's relationship, you will quite nearly have a heart attack in the third movie. They are very cute together!

Do you have a message for your viewers, especially your Filipino fans?

Lana: We can't wait to meet you guys! And if you got one thing out of this movie, I hope that it's to believe in love, and believe that you are more than capable of giving and receiving it.

Noah: We're sorry that we couldn't be there with you guys in person. We know that it's super rough over there right now. We wish that we could be there with you guys and our hearts are with everyone. Hopefully, you guys are safe and practicing super mindful behavior. We love you all very much and thank you for the support! Hopefully, we'll see you on the third [film].

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Have you seen the To All The Boys films yet? To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You are available for streaming on Netflix!

***Answers have been edited for clarity.

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