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ICYMI, This Actress From 'Sweet Home' Starred As Jan Di's Friend On 'Boys Over Flowers'

You've also seen her in the other OG drama, 'Playful Kiss'!
Lee Si Young dramas: Boys Over Flowers, Sweet Home

Confession time: There's a lot of ongoing and upcoming K-dramas this year, but I would always rewatch my favorites instead. My mind prefers ~remembering~ old storylines rather than discovering new ones, LOL. Currently, I am binge-watching the OG drama Boys Over Flowers (BOF) for the nth time, and I recognized a familiar face whom I've seen in a recent Netflix series!

If you can remember the plot of BOF, Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun) was ~culture shocked~ when she entered Shinhwa High School. Her schoolmates are filthy rich and snobbish, and the only people they *respect* are the F4. But there's someone who's unlike them and that's Oh Min Ji—she's adorable, not to mention nice to Jan Di. And so eventually, they became friends. We can't forget the scene where Min Ji accidentally dropped her ice cream on Go Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho)'s shoes and Jan Di came to the rescue! #FriendshipGoals

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Things took a dramatic turn when Min Ji betrayed Jan Di because—surprise—she actually has feelings for Jun Pyo all this time. Min Ji did something horrible to her friend but in the end, Jan Di forgave her.

The actress who played Oh Min Ji is Lee Si Young and you've seen her in Netflix's Sweet Home! Here, she portrays former firefighter Seo Yi Kyung who's an ace in martial arts. Did you know that her character is exclusive in the show and was not a part of the webtoon version? Not yet? Now you do!

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Lee Si Young has a long list of K-dramas and movies under her belt, including the other OG series, Playful Kiss. This time, she worked again with Kim Hyun Joong, aka BOF's Yoon Ji Hoo. Other Lee Si Young shows you need to watch: Killer ToonRighteous LoveMy Beautiful Bride, and SF8.

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When she's not on the big or small screen, Lee Si Young is ~thriving~ on TikTok! You've probably came across her hilarious skits on your FYP. In case you're looking for good vibes today, you can follow her right here.

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