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It's Time To Follow These Local Celebrities On TikTok

15-second videos have never been this good!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mainedcm, (RIGHT) Instagram/vivoree

You've probaby heard of TikTok by now—it originated from China and it’s a social media app that lets users create and share 15-second videos of themselves. It’s got all kinds of filters, speed adjustments, and music backgrounds, and has gotten so popular that even our fave celebs are super into it! 

Here are 10 local celebrities to follow on TikTok who will make you laugh and gush with their vids:

1. Maymay Entrata 

Tik Tok ID: maymayentrata

True to her quirky and fun persona, Maymay has already done the #despacitochallenge and the #meowwithme challenge!  

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2. Edward Barber 

Tik Tok ID: edwardbarber 

Edward's cute videos mostly show him reciting *cheesy* pick-up lines and he almost always has a reference to Maymay! Awww. 

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3. Maine Mendoza 

Tik Tok ID: mainemendozaaa03 

So far, Maine's videos have featured her nephew and a shot of her ~riding~ a horse! 

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4. Bela Padilla

Tik Tok ID: 30453945025

This celeb already has 19 videos so far, and they've all been hits! She even has a BLACKPINK dance cover. 

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5. Jodi Sta Maria

Tik Tok ID: jodi_stamaria

The 36-year-old actress loves to post videos about love and hugot. Trust me, they're hilarious! 

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6. Ronnie Alonte

Tik Tok ID: 2178760098

Dancer and Hashtags member Ronnie has posted TikTok videos of the "Krusty Krab Dance" and Korean pop group BTS' song "Fake Love." 

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7. Loisa Andalio  

Tik Tok ID: iamandalioloisa

With just two videos as of the writing of this article, Loisa is leaving us wanting more! 

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8. Andrea Brillantes

Tik Tok ID: andreabrillantes12

This pretty 14-year-old lip-syncs to songs such as Selena Gomez's "Kill Em With Kindness," Troye Sivan's "Fools," and Melanie Martinez's "Mrs. Potato Head" on her account. 

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9. Maris Racal

Tik Tok ID: 2159504258

She recently did a ~duet~ video with Andrea Brillantes!  

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10. Vivoree Escolito 

Tik Tok ID: vivoree 

Her first video is SO CUTE (It's a "Bboom Bboom" dance cover)! She also has a Stranger Things TikTok where she reenacts a scene between Steve and Nancy. 

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BONUS: Dylan Wang

Tik Tok ID: 6403613

The latest Dao Ming Si is a big fan of the app, even recruiting some of his Meteor Garden co-stars in past videos!  

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