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12 Meaningful K-Pop Songs That Tackle Mental Health

They're worth adding to your playlists.
Meaningful K-pop songs about mental health

K-pop fans all have their own personal stories about their love for the genre. For some, the highlight of their fan lives would be the friendships developed because of their fandoms. For others, it could be the inspiration they get from their faves. As for me, K-pop songs, despite the language difference, always have a way of helping me understand my emotions. It's as if the artist is going through the same thing as I am, and suddenly, I don't feel so alone.

Here are some of the most meaningful K-pop songs that tackle mental health:

1. "Loser" by BIGBANG

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

At some point, I started looking
At the ground more than the sky
It's hard even to breathe
I hold out my hand
But no one holds it

2. "Breathe" by Lee Hi

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

Even if others think your sigh
Takes out energy and strength
I already know
That you had a day that's hard enough
To let out even a small sigh
Now don't think of anything else
Let out a deep sigh
Just let it out like that


3. "Paranoia" by Kang Daniel

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

In a space without a single light
When the darkness comes
I lay expressionless, again and again
An endless fear, a terrible night
Wasn’t with me back then
But they right here now

4. "Borderline" by Sunmi

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

I got too hyped
Unstable eyes
Hands, hair, and words
Are all over the place
Feels like a bird is living in my head

5. "Whalien52" by BTS

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

The world will never know how sad I am
My pain is water and oil that can't mix
So only above the surface of the water do I
Breathe, and the interest towards me ends
A child in the lonely ocean
I want to make it known too
My value,  every day

6. "Ugly" by 2NE1

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me
Just like her, I wanna be pretty
I wanna be pretty
Don’t lie to my face tellin’ me I’m pretty

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7. "Trauma" by SEVENTEEN

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

What is the reason I’m alive?
Like a mudfish, some parts
Unfortunately, make me miserable
I just wanna sing
Or else I’ll be more trapped in my trauma
My mind has become impoverished
Deeper and deeper
I can’t even find myself

8. "Zombie" by DAY6

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

I feel like I became a zombie
Not alive, but I'm still walkin'
When the sunrise is upon me
I'll be waiting for the day to pass by, oh why?
I became a zombie
And there's nothing that can cure me
So tomorrow I know I'll be just the same
You'll see me wishin' to stop and close my eyes

9. "Lonely" by Jonghyun

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

If I say that things are hard with a crying face
Will it really get better?
If I cry and say it hurts, who will have a harder time?
Everyone will be fine


10. "IYAH" by Kang Seung Yoon

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

As time passes by, the world towards me
Forces much more, even when it's already difficult
What am I supposed to do?

11. "Nosedive" by Chen and Dynamic Duo

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

Everyone is going on their own path
But only I'm stopped in place
Will I be okay like this?
That question doesn't leave my head

12. "The Last" by Agust D

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

On the first visit to the psychiatric ward
My parents came up with me
We listened to the consultation together
My parents said they don’t truly understand me
I don’t understand myself well either
Then who would understand?
Friends? Or you? Nobody knows me well

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