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6 Netflix Movies That Will Help You Forget Your Ex

Tub of ice cream, optional.
PHOTO: Sarah Shatz/Netflix

Real talk: The post-breakup stage doesn't paint a pretty picture. As painfully cliché as it sounds, what we see in movies sometimes do happen in real life: pajamas on, ice cream tub in hand, with Netflix on the background. A good old movie can be the perfect escape, but it can also be the right inspiration that can help you get out of your funk. Below, a list of films on Netflix that can take you from brokenhearted to single-but-ready-to-mingle fast.

1. Someone Great

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, Brittany Snow, and Lakeith Standfield

After music journalist Jenny gets dumped by her long-term boyfriend, she rallies her best friends Blair and Erin to go into a night out in town. Their adventures to get VIP tickets to pop-up music festival Neon Classic serve them some hard-hitting realizations that make Jenny's last night in New York quite memorable—not to mention, emotional.


Someone Great is the perfect movie to watch if you want a more realistic take on the drama of breaking up. Jenny's emotions are so raw throughout the whole movie—she gets drunk, wears clothes that scream "my-boyfriend-just-dumped-me," and breaks down to tears at the most random of moments. There's a realness in the film that would make you want to hit pause and just ugly cry, but it's balanced out by the undeniable chemistry and witty exchanges of the film's trio. Someone Great would make you process all the feels you'd sometimes rather be in denial about but frames it in such a way that it becomes an empowering experience.

2. How To Get Over A Breakup

Starring: Gisele Ponce de Leon, Jely Reategui, Karina Jordan, and Christopher von Uckermann

When copywriter Maria Fe gets slapped with a big, fat, and sudden breakup in the face, she is thrust head-first into a series of comedic adventures as she struggles to move on from her relationship. Unable to get out of her slump, she ultimately decides to make a blog about her life as a single woman and the experiences that come with her new relationship status.

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This Peruvian movie co-produced by Netflix may look like your typical rom-com at first, but it does a pretty good job in hitting all the highs and lows typical to a breakup. The comedic take does soften the impact a bit, but it doesn't entirely erase all the complicated twists that come with being single. Add this to your list if you're in need of a more feel-good take on breakups.

3. When We First Met

StarringAdam DeVine and Alexandra Daddario

Noah has always wondered what went wrong on the night he met Avery, the girl he has been desperately in love with for three straight years. After getting drunk at her engagement party, he accidentally stumbles upon a magical photo booth that takes him back to the past, on the exact day they meet. He then goes on a mission to change their first meeting and, in the long run, his happy ending.


How many times have you tried working hard on a relationship, only to get disappointed in the end? When We First Met lays it on thick when it comes to what-might-have-beens and the consequences of our choices. Most of all, it serves the cold, hard truth that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things that aren't meant to be will always fall apart.

4. Naomi And Ely's No Kiss List

Starring: Victoria Justice, Pierson Fode, and Matthew Daddario

Longtime neighbors Naomi and Ely have been best friends for years. Ely is openly gay while Naomi, despite having a new boyfriend, remains secretly in love with him. The duo's friendship is tested when an unexpected kiss between two very unlikely people happens.

Though not entirely a traditional breakup movie, the film has all the elements of the genre: betrayal, unreciprocated feelings, and friendships falling apart—which, sadly, does happen in real life, too. Naomi And Ely's No Kiss List is the perfect guilty pleasure to watch if you want to unapologetically feel mad AND inspired to fix your life at the same time.


5. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Starring: Lana Condor and Noah Centineo

High schooler Lara Jean Covey has a habit of writing and locking away letters addressed to her crushes. One of them is newly single Josh who, after being dumped by Lara Jean's own sister, suddenly receives one of her secret letters! To cover the fact that she's been in love with him since forever, she strikes a fake relationship with Peter, another past crush who also receives her letter.

So what if this movie talks about childhood crushes and love letters? To All The Boys I've Loved Before is great in teaching you a thing or two about honesty and letting go of old feelings that no longer serve you. It's also a cute film that gives the hope of finding love from the most unlikely of sources—and who doesn't need that, right?

6. Always Be My Maybe

Starring: Ali Wong and Randall Park


After an unfortunate falling apart, childhood best friends Sasha and Marcus meet again as entirely different people. Sasha, now a celebrity chef, is engaged to her own restaurant developer while Marcus manages a family business and plays at their local pub on the side. The two try to patch things up and tiptoe around old feelings for each other, all while trying to navigate their totally different lifestyles.

Witty and funny, Always Be My Maybe is something you should watch if you need some fresh perspective on the subject of two people growing apart. The film does great when it comes to comedic timing, but it also plainly deals with real-life relationship issues most of us can relate to. Moral of the story? No matter how great you were together, things won't work out if you've simply outgrown each other. Oh, and also: KEANU REEVES.