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Aww! These Baby Photos Of Song Joong Ki Will Make Your Day

OMG, sobrang cute!!
Song Joong Ki's most adorable baby photos

Our newest K-drama obsession, Vincenzo, is now on its fourth episode and OMG—it keeps getting better and better! (The plot twists will totally blow your mind!!!) We swear, the production team couldn't have picked a better cast. If you're on the lookout for a new K-drama that will not disappoint, this is it.

As someone who just started ~*loving*~ the lead actor, Song Joong Ki, one thing I absolutely love is how dashing he looks in this series! He can wear silk pajamas or a suit from the best Italian tailor, and trust that this oppa can make our heart flutter EVERY. SINGLE TIME. If you look at these photos, you will definitely agree with me:

Song Joong Ki in Vincenzo
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While we were fangirling over Joong Ki's Vincenzo photos, we also found some of his baby pics that made us smile sooooo much! We can't deal with this cute hairstyle:

Song Joong Ki as a baby
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Another similar pic because we know you want more:

Pogi since childhood, as you can see:

Song Joong Ki's childhood photos
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Presenting, Joong Ki's evolution throughout the years! <3

Now that he's all grown-up and has become the ~man of our dreams~, we love seeing Joong Ki with other bbs naman! Get ready to squeal with these Tae Ho and Dorothy pics from Space Sweepers:

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ICYDK, Joong Ki is an uncle to two adorable boys and look at them showing their support to their samcheon's newest movie:

Of course, they're fans of Vincenzo, too! They even visited their uncle when he was filming:

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Mom, I can see my future already!!!

Hope that made your day, ladies! You can watch Vincenzo on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday at 10 p.m.

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