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7 *Kilig* Thai Rom-Coms You Can Stream On Netflix

Fall in love even more!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Back to the 90s/Netflix, (RIGHT) Suddenly Twenty/Netflix

A few years ago, the cute film Crazy Little Thing Called Love rose to popularity in the Philippines. Well, we're feeling #nostalgic, and we need more Thai films to fall in love with. Here are seven rom-coms from the Land Of Smiles that you can watch on Netflix

1. Back To The 90s (2015) 

A teenager from 2014 is transported to the '90s! In an attempt to repair the relationship between his mom and dad, he ~distracts~ his dad's childhood friend but finds himself falling in love with her in the process. 

2. Suddenly Twenty (2016) 

Based on the OG Korean movie from 2014, this Thai adaptation tells the story of a crabby 70-something old woman who magically reverts to her 20-year-old self with the help of a mysterious photo booth! 

3. Suckseed (2011) 

A geeky boy who's been in love with his pretty classmate since they were kids finds himself at a crossroads when his best friend declares that he is in love with her, too. Oh, no. 

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4. Single Lady (2015) 

A successful female author is forced to fix unresolved issues with her five exes after a fortune-teller gives her a particularly gloomy prediction. 

5. Chiang Khan Story (2014) 

This film is set in the 1970s. Two childhood besties who both love the cinema are reunited when self-conscious Took Kae (Chirayu La-ongmani) becomes part of a film crew for a movie that his friend Pang (Chontida Assawahem) is starring in. 

6. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009) 

30-year-old Mei Li (Cris Horwang) is single AF and has never had a real boyfriend. When she meets her dream guy, an engineer who works for the Bangkok Transit System, she decides to seriously pursue someone for the first time in her life.  

7. Yes Or No (2010) 

This rom-com tells the story of a conservative college student who has a negative view of lesbians. However, she slowly falls for her roommate who acts and dresses like a guy. 

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