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10 *Striking* Quotes From Filipino Mythology Series 'Trese'

'Tingin niyo lahat ay tungkol sa pera. Tungkol ito sa kapangyarihan.'
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Trese is currently number one on Netflix Philippines, and it's also part of the Top 10 shows in 18 more countries! The show is based on the popular comics created by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo and is set in a version of Manila "where the mythical creatures of Philippine folklore live in hiding amongst humans." 

From Alex, Crispin, and Basilio commuting under the hot Manila sun to Captain Guerrero offering the gang taho and pandesal, there's no doubt this series is one super-relatable show. Trese also presented us with some pretty *intense* quotes!

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Here's a bunch of memorable quotes from Trese

1. "Minsan walang pagkakaiba ang mga halimaw sa tao."—Alexandra Trese

English translation: "There are monsters among us, and some of them human." 

2. "Sa gabi, 'pag napadpad ka sa madilim na eskinita, maaari kang maging biktima niya. Hindi mga magnanakaw at kidnaper ang dapat katakutan, kundi ang mga nilalang na uhaw sa dugo at kaluluwa. Hindi sila napipigilan ng mga posas."—Alexandra Trese 

English translation: "When the sun sets, take a turn down a dark alley, and you might find yourself as prey. Kidnappers and thieves are the least of your worries. Beware the ones that crave your blood and covet your soul. They can't be bound by handcuffs." 

3. ''Wag mo lamang tignan ang panlabas na anyo. Malawak na pananaw ang tanging susi sa mapayapang buhay." —Miranda Trese 

English translation: "You need to see beyond the outside. All of us must see beyond to live in balance." 

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4. "'Yan ang problema sa inyong mga lalaki. Tingin niyo lahat ay tungkol sa pera. Tungkol ito sa kapangyarihan. At ang kapangyarihan na hinahanap ko, hindi mo kayang ibigay."—Ramona 

English translation: "That's the problem with you men. You always think it's about money, but it's about power. And the power I'm looking for, you can't give me." 

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5. "'Wag niyong baliktarin ang mga nangyari. Alam natin ang totoo. Siya ang halimaw ng istorya at kayo ang kasabwat niya. Wala akong pasensya sa mga sinungaling. Wag niyo na ulit akong sasalingin."Alexandra Trese

English translation: "Don't you dare try to spin this. We both know the truth. She is the monster here and you are the accomplice. I have no tolerance for liars. Do not cross my path again." 

6. "Hindi kami mga tao para sa inyo, numero lang. Pang-quota lang. Kung may halaga ang buhay namin sa inyo, aalamin niyo ang pangalan namin."—Raul Lazaro 

English translation: "We're not people to you. We're just numbers, statistics. If you really gave a damn, you would put names to all our faces."

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7. "Kakambal ng pagkawala ang pagdurusa. Ngunit kailangan din natin ito para hindi natin malimutan kung ano ang mahalaga."Anton Trese

English translation: "It is always painful when something is lost. But it is that same pain that reminds us of what is at stake." 

8. "Malakas nga ang lukso ng dugo, pero hindi matitinag ang pamilya."Alexandra Trese 

English translation: "The bond of blood might be strong, but the bond of family is stronger." 

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9. "Nalaman kasi ng opisina ni Mayor Santamaria, at ngayon, gusto niyang agawin ang kaso. Ganyan talaga 'pag malapit na ang eleksyon."—Captain Guerrero

English translation: "Mayor Santamaria's office got wind of it, and now he wants to take over. God, I love election time."

10. "Pasensya kung nahuli. Na-traffic lang, alam mo na."Nuno

English translation: "Sorry I'm late. Traffic and all that." 

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In an interview with Cosmo, Liza Soberano talked about voicing Alexandra Trese in the Tagalog dub, saying: "[Alex is an empowering character] because she's just BADASS! *laughs* If you watch the series, [you can see that] she has no fear as she takes on all these enemies with so much finesse. She doesn't need a man to protect her! Of course, from time to time she has Crispin and Basilio to watch her back. But for the most part, she's the one taking care of everybody—[both] the human beings and the supernatural beings. So, hats off to her!"

Liza also shared her own hero's journey in portraying the Lakan of humanity, including the challenges in taking on the role and overall learnings from the experience. Watch our full interview with Liza here


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