Miley Cyrus And Kaitlynn Carter Apparently Broke Up Because Miley Didn't Want A 'Serious Relationship'

Ah, so that explains it!

Admit it: Aren't you maybe just a little sad that THE drama-filled, whirlwind relationship of the summer has officially come to a close? That's right—I'm talking about the former pairing known as Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter, two friends-turned-lovers who got together after splitting from their ex-mans. After six weeks of dating and displays of affection, they amicably called their relationship quits—but now, we finally know why.

According to a People source, things with Kaitlynn were getting a little too serious for Miley's liking. Miley reportedly isn't in the mood for such a big emotional commitment right now and felt like it was heading in that direction with Kaitlynn. So they ended things!

"Miley doesn't want a serious relationship," the source said. "She and Kaitlynn spent every day together, and it just wasn't anything that Miley wanted to continue doing. She wants to focus on her career. It wasn't an easy decision, but this is ultimately what she wants."

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Another alleged major red flag for Miley was that her relationship with Kaitlynn felt a little too similar to her previous relationship with Liam Hemsworth. Miley initially wanted to reclaim time for herself after separating from Liam but ended up with Kaitlynn by accident. "Miley split from Liam to focus on herself. Her relationship with Kaitlynn was a happy surprise," the source added. "However, Miley was so invested in her relationship with Liam for a long time. She felt her relationship with Kaitlynn was almost moving in that direction, too."

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Now that Miley and Kaitlynn are over, Miley "is looking forward to being single" and is focused on pursuing her interests again. Case in point: Miley's recent hiking trip through the Grand Canyon! She didn't only go there to recreate "The Climb" (okay, maybe that was part of it), but she also likely went there to do some post-breakup ~soul searching~.

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Anyway, I'm just glad to see our Miley out here shinin' and thrivin'!

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