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How Hailee Steinfeld Keeps Her Body Fit

Despite her busy schedule, the Barden Bella finds time to put in the work.
PHOTO: Instagram/haileesteinfeld

These days, Hollywood is all over Hailee Steinfeld and it’s about damn time! Since her role in 2011’s True Grit put her on the map, the part-Filipino actress has been working nonstop. Hailee joined the Pitch Perfect cast in 2015 and is still proud of her Barden Bella status because she was totally onboard for the third movie. Girl’s also got mad pipes on her, releasing hit songs like “Most Girls” and “Starving.”

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Between touring and recording, how does she stay fit and sexy? In an interview with SELF, Hailee revealed, “I tend to use whatever is around me to get a full-body workout and if that’s not possible, then I do anything I can do—whether it’s a jog  [or bike ride] around the city or neighbourhood that I’m in.”

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Lucky for her, her dad is a personal trainer so being active has always been an essential part of Hailee’s life: “I call him and I tell him where I am and what I have around me and he helps me. [Also,] I shadowbox all the time with my dad, so if I don’t have my dad with his hitting gloves on, I’ll just hit the air in my very small hotel room on the road.”

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Her favorite workout, however, is dance: “Dancing is something I love to do now, and I get most of my working out in there because sometimes I feel like at the end of long days, the last thing you want to do is go to the gym.”


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