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Tone Your Way to a Sexier You!

Get a bikini-ready bod by adding some weight training to your usual cardio workout.

Hate weights? You might want to reconsider. Many women tend to skip the weights station when they hit the gym because they worry it will make them bulk up. Here's a tip: don't worry about looking like that muscular cutie on the bench press next to you because the chance of that happening is slim to none.

Christopher Wharton, PhD,
a certified personal trainer and researcher with the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, stresses that "the most effective way to increase metabolism and burn more calories is by aerobic exercise and strength training."

Women naturally lose muscle mass as they age which is why it is important to rev up your metabolism by doing weight-bearing exercises. Muscle tissue is also more active than fat tissue, so building your muscles will increase your chances of burning fat.

Another upside? Weight training will tighten up and tone your curves. Cardio may be every girl's best friend, but it won’t directly target the muscles you want to look oh-so-sexy (think Victoria's Secret Angel, like Candice Swanepoel). So what do you say, Cosmo girls? We think it’s worth a shot!

Source: WebMD

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